I'm Gwennan (that's GWEN - UN); the voice and face behind Twenty Something Meltdown, though a selfie of my face is restricted almost exclusively to a bad Snapchat filter. 

After graduating in 2015 and spending 6 months writing sporadic posts on illustration and being a student I finally bought this domain and in January 2016 started blogging about life after uni, running a business and being a young twenty something faffing about. 

A year on I have accepted I can no longer call myself a recent graduate and have fallen head first into my -shudders- mid twenties and am still blogging about running a business, faffing about and have branched out into topical news and a social media obsession. 

If I'm not blogging 6 or 7 times a week you can normally find me perusing the best GIF to use on Twitter, running around after my niece, shopping for homeware or dreaming of mac and cheese. Or chips. 

Alongside all of this I am also a freelance illustrator working on a whole bundle of things and running a little Etsy shop which you can find here;

Shop my illustrated range here!