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"Gwennan Rees is sort of the woman I want to be when I grow up, which is especially annoying because she's actually three years younger than me. Having graduated as an illustrator, she now runs her own business (check that out here), writes a killer blog and apparently maintains three separate Instagram accounts. Yeah, it's almost irritatingly impressive, isn't it?

On her blog Twenty Something Meltdown Gwennan writes about a brilliant variety of topics and I love that I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get each day when I pay her a visit. She gave me incredible bullet journal envy with this post, made me howl with laughter with her thoughts on the latest Instagram update, and then made my really think about how important it is that we all vote in the EU Referendum. Also, she posts pretty much every single day because she's magical (I actually think she's probably a witch but shhh don't tell her)." 

- Rebecca Railton, TheStyleShake.com

"Gwennan is one of those bloggers who could make you read a menu if she wrote it. Gwennan recently had a series of guest bloggers on her blog, and I haven't read any of them yet. I don't say this to make it seem like they aren't great posts, I'm sure they are and I'll get around to reading them eventually. But my point is that the second Gwennan posted herself again, I read it immediately. She's one of those bloggers that you just won't put off reading. Not to mention her Etsy shop IS TO DIE FOR. I bought this 'Mum you're tea-riffic' card and it was such a great quality, I really recommend her designs. Gwennan is an illustrator by trade so her shop is fresh and original."

- Alisha Ockenden, AlishaOckenden.com.

twentysomethingmeltdown is a lifestyle blog written by Gwennan Rees (isn't writing about yourself in the third person uncomfortable? Like who I am kidding, we all know I wrote this bio myself.)

I started this blog (under a different name) in March 2015 as part of a university project and continued to keep it up writing about illustration, exhibiting in shows and being a recent graduate/student hanging on to the past, just as a way of keeping my illustration website ticking over. 

After realising I was spending quite a lot of time writing for my blog, thinking about my blog, taking photos for my blog, scheduling posts for my blog, branching out into other topics and coming up with new content all the time, in January 2016 I had a relaunch. I redesigned my logo, I had a name change, I moved to a separate website and new host, created social media accounts for 'Gwennan Rees the blogger' and 'Gwennan Rees the illustrator' and thus, Twenty Something Meltdown was born and I haven't looked back since. 

Twenty Something Meltdown is a lifestyle blog covering a range of topics from current politics and news affairs, shopping wishlists, stationery, homeware, being a student, being a graduate, bullet journals, social media and essentially anything that I experience, have a say on or simply want to write about. 

I blog 4 times a week minimum in no particular routine and tend to blog 6 times a week and occasionally go on rampages of weeks on end of 7 day content. 

I am very active on social media, Instagram is my one true love but people seem to like me on Twitter so it ain't all bad. 

When I'm not blogging which is not my actual job, the one I get paid to do is as a freelance illustrator working from my 'studio' (parents spare room, thug life) in a teeny tiny hamlet in South Wales not even big enough to be called a village. We don't even have a shop or nuttin. 

If you're interested in me as an illustrator you can visit my website here or contact me via gwennanrees@gwennanreesillustration.com as I am always on the prowl for new projects and work and exciting illustrative things. 

Oh and I have a reasonably successful (us modest Brits lul) Etsy shop full of stationery and stickers and cards and it's all like a few quid so you should *probably* check that out and treat yo self to a few bits. Buy here.