Venice in 4 days | Photo Diary & Travel Guide.

It might have escaped your knowledge if you don’t follow my blog or any of my social media platforms but I spent the first four days of March in (snowy) Venice. This was my second trip to Venice, the first time being with college for the Biennale in 2011, and this time with my Mum and two of our friends for a girly weekend away.

The first time I went to Venice it was November and we were told it was rainy season so to pack wellies – it ended up being beautiful sunshine all 6 days and we were boiling. This time we were advised it would be 10-15 degrees – instead Venice saw it’s first snow in years and then rained every other day at a casual -4.

Having done Venice twice now, and for 10 days in total, I feel like I have had a chance to see everything I want to see, do everything I want to do and have a few recommendations and tips to share if you’re also planning a trip to one of (imo) the most picturesque places in Europe. Deffo one to tick off the bucket list.

FREE Spring Printable For Your Bullet Journal.

Now that the snow has nearly melted and the clocks change in a fortnight I think we can safely get excited for a new season. There are daffodils springing up left right and centre and the fields round my house are full of hopping and skipping lambs and I've already caved and bought (and eaten) my first easter egg. 

With a new season comes of course, a new set of printables for your bullet journal, diary or planner and it'll probably be the last one of these I do now I've completed a full season. Who knows what the next one will bring!

Social Media & Blog Statistics - February 2018.

I was never going to beat January was I? February can easily be looked at as a bit of a failure on my part because isn't the aim of blogging and tracking your stats to be improving every month? If you even skim read January's blog stats post it's clear to see I had what will probably be the best stats month of the year and it's always the case as my traffic spikes when people start looking for bullet journal inspiration on Pinterest

That being said, I always treat January as one on it's own, a stand alone month where everyone and their dog is on my blog and then we move on and up from there. I might take a quick peek at my December stats to see how February's fair against a more normal month. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - March 2018

My advertisers this month have had to be a lil patient with me. In case I didn't bang on about it enough I started March in Venice (full post coming soon) and have hit the ground running to catch up and thus, here we are 10 days in and my advertising post is only just going live. 

Luckily for me most of these cherubs are returning advertisers so know how uhm, lax I can be, and I am very pleased to be introducing them. 

Spring Photo Challenge.

The system is the same as the last for those who took part before, but for the challenge virgins amongst you there's a free printable or downloadable checklist of prompts below ready for you to snap away and tick off. Use the hashtag #ourtwentysomethingspring to keep track of everyone's progress and have fun! As before, there's no start date or deadline to finish by so keep on ticking as long as you're enjoying it or as long as it takes to tick every single one off!

Celebrating All Mum's This Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a mere week away and the shops and supermarkets are full of flowers and cards and chocolates for you to treat the woman who brought you into this world when no present will ever be good enough. 

How do you buy a gift for the woman who birthed you? For the woman that raised you? For the one who kissed your grazed knees and brought you warm soup when you were off school ill. For the woman who ironed your uniform and saw you off to uni with a care package from home and welcomed you back with open arms 3 years later when you were full of debt. 

In celebration of all Mum's - here's a few of my favs. 

Why I Love Being Welsh | Happy St David's Day

For those folk amongst you who are not Welsh, you might not know that today is St David's Day. We celebrate our patron saint on March 1st every year with an Eisteddford and dressing up when you're in school and scoffing welsh cakes if you're not. 

If you're not Welsh, you probably don't know a lot about it, least of all why we celebrate being Welsh, and what it feels like. It's probably unsurprising that with a name like mine and from a family of Welsh ancestors through and through, I really quite like being Welsh. 

Here's a coupla reasons why;

My Month In Photos - February 2018.

February has bloody flown by hasn't it? After the years that was January 2018, the few less days we have this month makes me feel like we're a whole week down. It seems like everything is rushed, there's no time to do anything and before you know it it's March and whoa what just happened. Combine that with the fact I am going to Venice tomorrow and suddenly the weeks have disappeared in a blur of getting shit done before I go away and here we are.

Why I'm As Bullet Journal Obsessed As Ever.

Bullet journaling has not only contributed to making my blog a success, but it's also contributed a heck of a lot to my personal life too. I've written a lot about how discovering the world of bujo has impacted my life and my general productivity and also, most recently, about how I think it reflects my personality

I've also written about whether or not the bullet journal trend will stick and I concluded that whilst the hype over it might die out, people like me who genuinely love it will probably never be able to use a conventional journal again. But if you are like me then you're likely as bullet journal obsessed as when you first started out - maybe even more so. 

Mother's Day UK High Street Gift Guide 2018.

Public service announcement: Mother's Day is on March 11th, just a fortnight away. You can thank me later. 

Mum's do a remarkable job don't they? I've spoken before about things my mother has taught me and the older I get the more and more I appreciate what a woman she is and what she's done for us all our little lives. And now my Mum is a grandmother to a fiesty two year old and I see it replicated, what she did for us, now she does for that little girl. 

For your Mum, your grandmother, your auntie, your sister, your friends, and whatever mother figure you have in your life - here's my top picks from the UK high street to treat her to. 

Five Easy Cheap Ways To Update Your Workspace.

No matter what you do in life, chances are if you're reading this you have some sort of workspace in your home. Maybe it's an office or a corner of a spare room where you work from home. Maybe it's a desk in your bedroom to do your college work from? Maybe it's just a particular armchair you like to blog from in the evenings. Whatever it is - sometimes those workspaces get stale. 

You need to keep your workspace inspiring to keep you inspired and that often requires a bit of a revamp. I am one of these people who simply has to rejig things every 6 months or so or I get bored of my surroundings. When I lived at home or in uni I'd rearrange which side of the room my bed was on or where the wardrobe went so it's no surprise my office is the same. 

Here's 5 simple ways you can update your workspace to keep it exciting for as little effort or cost as possible.  

How To Create The Ultimate Care Package.

This post came requested from a lovely school friend who recently got sent not one but six care packages over the course of a fortnight when she was in need of a little cheering up. She was pretty happy with her mini care packages and mentioned she'd never have had the thought, nor the ideas of what to put in the parcels.

A care package for those not in the know is a little parcel, letter, card or collection sent in the post or delivered in person when someone needs it most. A way of cheering someone up, letting them know you care and you love them, a way of helping when you sometimes can't physically be there. 

How My Bullet Journal Reflects My Personality.

In 2018 I think it’s plain to see I’m just as bullet journal obsessed as ever and I know I’m not the only one. If anything, I am using it more and more and for a wider variety of things and it’s really got me thinking about what it says about me.

It’s like a journal as well as an organizer these days full of snippets of my day, my mood as well as my plans and chores. It’s fuller than ever, I’m working through it quicker than ever and it’s a home for all my scribbles and doodles. I work out my blog there, I plan my day there, I pack for my holidays there and I remember my pals birthday’s there.

I have come to realise that my bullet journal is a true reflection of me, my personality and my character and now I’ve started noticing it I can’t unsee it.

7 Failsafe Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Work From Home.

Working freelance from home sure has it's perks there's no doubt about that. 

There's the lack off office politics, there's the free timetables, the ability to take a day off on a whim, not having to fill in time sheets and don't even get me started on the perks of working from your sofa. 

But for all it's highlights of course, like any job it has it's pitfalls. Working from home and working for yourself has it's strains and the biggest of all comes from the knowledge that you and you alone are making your cash. Sick day? You ain't getting paid. Holiday? You're losing money as the days go on. 

It can be a ballache for your mojo so here's 7 of my failsafe ways to stay motivated when working from home:

Handmade Fair Is On It's Way To Wiltshire!

Sometimes you just have a normal Thursday night planned in front of the TV with something beige to eat – and sometimes you get an invite to a press launch in another country and you just up and leave. Ok sure, admittedly the other country was England but a quick hours drive over the Severn saw me in Bristol last week with my blogging bae Sarah at the press launch for Handmade Fair at Bowood House.

What I Learnt About Instagram & How YOU Can Implement It Into Your Own Feed.

Instagram, it’s algorithm, it’s shadowbanning and every update it seems to give us is getting the blogging world down. No more are we gaining 50 followers a day, long gone are the days half our followers would actually see our posts and let’s not even get started on hashtags and how on earth do we use them.

We’re learning more and more about the ‘new’ Instagram every day. From the good (hold down the pen to fill the screen instead of shading it in and hold down the colour to bring a whole colour wheel up) to the bad (your images only being shown to 10% of your feed and only then if they are engaged with and liked within a certain time slot of being posted).

Valentine's Gift Guide For The Punny.

For those of you who have forgotten - V day is approaching us with rapid intensity. Next Wednesday in fact falls the most loved up day of the year and the high street is full of heart shaped balloons and those me to you teddies we always see at this time of year. 

If like me you're more concentrating on the day before (pancake day FYI, best day of the year) then this is the gift guide for you. My fav bit of valentines is by far the punny mugs and gifts that appear in our supermarkets and the high street has not let us down this year my friends. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - February 2018.

It's that time of the month again my friends. 

No not that time of the month. It's time to introduce my advertisers for the next few weeks. For me, those lost few days in February feels like a month in itself and February feels like it's over and done with in a flash so really idk why you crazy lot ever sign up to advertise in Feb. But I love ya all for it anyway. 

Here's the new and returning faces advertising on my sidebar this month. 

Social Media & Blog Statistics - January 2018.

Flippin heck this came round ever so quickly again didn't it? 

Despite everyone and their dog (and myself) going on about how long January lasted, it seems like two minutes ago I was writing my last one of these, summing up my December and the whole of 2017. 

January was very much a rerun of January 2017 where I did the very least work and got the very biggest of rewards and it was all down to my good friend; bullet journaling. 

My Month In Photos - January 2018.

In December I talked a bit about what I was and wasn't bringing back for 2018 and my Friday Favourites and my Pinspiration didn't make the cut but this wee babe did. I wasn't sure on this one, I felt like it'd gone a bit stale and was repeating a lot of what I said in my Friday Favs. However, since I don't do my Favourites anymore at all I felt like I was itching to share a bit of my life, what I've been up to and well, this blog post format still fitted so here we are.