10 More Things That Happened Lately || 2

Current pink Instagram theme. 

Current pink Instagram theme. 

A few weeks ago I wrote this post on odd or funny things that happened lately and 1. It went down a storm and 2. I had a lot of fun writing it so a few weeks on I'm back with another instalment!

1. A local recycling plant was on fire for a week and all the roads were closed so when we went to pick my car up from the garage my Mum said "follow me home, I know a shortcut!" Cue 25 minutes into a 15 minute journey and we're lost down a track NOT EVEN A ROAD with a cliff on one side, flooded having to do a U turn because she's taken us into a farm. 

2. When we finally made it home she was just pleased she made it in time for her homemade bread rolls to come out of the bread maker. Not the fact she'd nearly given me heart failure.

3. Every time you change the channel the TV turns off. 

4. My niece looked at me yesterday and said "not Bampi". I am well aware I am not my father. 

5. Last night the dog accidentally ran into the freestanding airer and got all caught up in it and dragged it halfway across the room in fear. He ran away onto the spare bed to hide.

6. A car overtook me when I was turning right.

7. I wasn't ID'ed in the challenge 25 at Morrisons this morning and it shit me right up someone might think I look over 25. The cashier then insinuated I had a pack of kids at home because I'd got so much shopping. It shit me right up that I might be old enough to have multiples of children. 

8. We saved our meatballs. 

9. I had a quiet evening of rugby and bullet journaling to myself planned for last weekend when Joss was out on a lads night for his birthday. He missed his bus and I ended up driving them into Cardiff at rush hour on match night. The taxis were an hour wait and I ended up picking him up from Cardiff on match night at 2.30am.

10. I spent a 40 minute car journey explaining how traffic lights work to my niece until she was practically singing "Green means go and red says stop!".