Finding Time To Illustrate.

A silly title for an illustrator? Maybe. Having moved home and started the cogs turning for setting my business up, I have found that actually, the job I am setting up the business to do has taken a backseat.

I spend most of my day blogging, scheduling blog posts, thinking of content, instagramming, tweeting, researching, looking at banking, looking at sole traders, working out pricing, making invoices, filing, ordering merchandise, sending emails and a thousand other things that keep my online presence fresh and keep my business ticking over.

This, along with the mundane tasks of home chores and seeing my niece means actually I haven't been able to sit down and devote a day to doing the very illustrating I have a degree and a business in.

I have done a few bits and bobs, a commission here and there that only take a few hours to keep the pennies coming in, a few posters for a local society for free and a few doodles for twitter hashtags or the blog but nothing substantial and certainly nothing I just wanted to draw for myself.

I am hoping that when I come back off my holidays and my sole trader application has been confirmed (fingers crossed) things will calm down and I'll get into a proper routine that will actually allow time for drawing and doodling and colouring and illustrating. I am itching to get my teeth into a proper substantial project of something I actually want to draw, something I am inspired by and preferably something that makes me rich (or at least brings a bit of cash in!)

I spose this is a bit of a rambling blog post with no real direction but I'm hoping other illustrators and designers have felt in the same boat at some point and preferably have come through the other side!