Hopes & Plans for 2016.



Is it me or does twenty sixteen just sound a bit weird? Like not a real year? Just me? K.

I plan to follow this up with a cheeky NYE resolutions content where I work on some of the things I outline in this post and then do some kind of 'How My Resolutions Are Going' updates at like 1 month, 1/4 year, 6 months, next December etc etc. Don't ever accuse me of not plugging some material for all it's worth nuh uh.

The 'Plans' part of this segment can be summed up very simply with one word; sketchy. I basically have no plans. I am 80% sure I'll pop up to Wrexham in January to see the friends I couldn't see before Christmas, I am about 30% sure I am going to Venice next February/March (nothing booked, not even dates so yeah, pretty sure I'm going) and I wouldn't mind some sort of break in the summer even if it was just a long weekend in Britain.

There are some things I can be absolutely sure of. I know when my website hosting fees are up for the year. I know when my MOT on the car I haven't even picked up yet is due. I know I shall turn 24 in 2016. That's about it. Hopefully it'll be a year full of fun adventures and lots of money and an ever growing collection of homeware but it'll probably all be last minute and spontaneous. Hurrah!

Hopes, well hopes is much more suited to me. I can hope for a lot of things but for now here's 16 hopes for 2016.

  1. Actually go to Venice because I am dying to go back and take my Mum and show her around and have a wonderful girlie long weekend in the most beautiful city.
  2. Expand my business and get a load more fun and exciting new work.
  3. Get published/signed to an agency.
  4. Learn to speak more Welsh. It's so demeaning to have to say I can't speak more than some insults with a name like mine.
  5. Drive anywhere and everywhere with utter confidence without getting lost all the time sans SatNav.
  6. Do my finances on the first day of every month not 740237498237 days later and play catch up and think "WHAT WAS £17.56 ON THE 8TH FOR???"
  7. See more of the friends I don't see enough and then think YES these are my people. They are too important. And friggin hilarious.
  8. Buy the whole Adobe suite for my new iMac not just struggle along with only Photoshop.
  9. Blog even more regularly than I do. I'm talking 4 posts a week not 2.
  10. Build up my new home with lots of lovely things and things that inspire me.
  11. Watch my niece continue to grow into the most stubborn, wilful, cheeky, happy little child she is turning out to be.
  12. Learn to cook better.
  13. Enjoy more experiences. Live rugby, gigs, go to the cinema more often, go for food out, live a bit more.
  14. Find a pair of over the knee black boots that don't make me look like a stripper.
  15. Spend more time with my twinnie, my brother who I never get to hang out with anymore. Booooo both moving out at the same time.
  16. ***********EARN LOTS OF MONEY**************

Hope all your hopes (geddit, see what I did) come true for you in 2016 gal pals!