My Etsy Shop Update.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.25.13.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.25.13.png

Admittedly when I first scheduled this post in my diary I anticipated I might have a bit more to update on.....

I think when I set up my Etsy shop way back when in the summer it would be my biggest source of income but actual, it's my commissioned work that is bringing in the bread not my Etsy store.

I thought Etsy would keep my ticking over with a few regular small purchases and orders but to be really honest, it's been kinda lacking. My views are off the scale, all my stats are good, my sponsored posts are ticking along but it just isn't really generating sales.

This really isn't too big a deal seen as my commissioned cards and work for businesses are going nicely and bring in a lot more money but I can imagine if I wasn't getting that type of work, the sales on my Etsy would be a lot more problematic.

That being said, I have a lot of love for my Etsy and actually, a lot of people message me off the site saying "I saw your stuff on Etsy, could you do XYZ for me" so even though I might not be getting that many sales on the site, I suppose you could say it is generating business for me in a different way.

I am proud of the products that I am selling on the site and I am pleased with the range of stuff I have produced. I'm still aiming to sell out of stock and still aiming to keep getting by with my Etsy sales but maybe during 2016 I will spend a bit more time on my portion of the site.

I'm going to try and dedicate a bit of time each week or at least each month on updating my site, on creating work for my shop and to promoting it. I am going to up my photography game to match my blogging photography to make sure to sell my products in the best possible way and to match with my brand.

Here's hoping 2016 is good to my Etsy shop and generates a bunch more sales!

(In the meantime, why not treat yourself to something from my shop now?)