5 Jobs I'd Do If I Wasn't An Illustrator.



I often wonder what I'd be doing if I didn't have a talent and I couldn't draw because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in an office somewhere. Here are 5 jobs that I'd love to do if this freelance lark doesn't work out*.

*Might need to go back to uni and get 4902378139821747 more qualifications.

1. Archaeologist. 

Fun fact, this is what my brother studied in university. I loved history when I was in school and I think if I hadn't been good at arty type things this is what I would've stuck with. My brother went on a dig on a Roman site when he was in uni and camped there for weeks over and a summer and I got the feels when I went to visit him. It's so fascinating and the idea of finding something groundbreaking sounds amazing.

2. Zoo Keeper. 

I want to put this out there now, I have no training or knowledge of caring for animals, I just really like the idea of cuddling cute animals and feeding elephants and stuff. I am fully aware this is NOT an accurate job description of a zoo keeper and all credit to those who actually do the job-I am just a massive fan of safari parks. Longleat was legit the best day of my life so far.

3. Theatre Set Designer.

Admittedly, this is more on a creative vein so I'm assuming I'd have some arty skills just not the mind-blowing talent (jokes) that I have now. I quite fancy doing some sort of behind the scenes work at a theatre or on a film crew, something let set design or costumes or makeup and props. I think this interest was sparked by a documentary I watched when I was little about behind the scenes on Harry Potter and I LOVED the idea of the props room, making all the tiniest details you might not even notice. What a job.

4. Architect. 

Again, you need a creative mind for this job too - it's just engrained in me obvs. Since I spent 2659273905823905830 hours working on one piece for my Welsh language children's book in university where I drew every window on the Liver building, I have a real appreciation and interest in building design. I like the structure and rigidity of the design work and how precise it is. My mind that was made for organising would really appreciate that.

5. Midwife. 

Because seriously, is there any more rewarding job than something in the medical profession? The work they do for the hours they do it on for the pay they get- they are absolutely magnificent people and the reward for knowing you helped save someone's life, made a difference to someone's day or helped bring a new human into the world. They are remarkable people. Remarkable.

Maybe I'll just quit my life plan and get on with cuddling all the baby animals.