My New Years Resolutions One Month On

Everyone makes New Years Resolutions on January first and typically, we all forget them by January 2nd. 14th at a push. 

So in a bid to force myself into keeping to at least SOME of my resolutions, I scheduled some updates throughout the year on how I'm getting on to get my butt into gear and keep going. 

So as a little reminder for you (and for myself awks) here's a list of my resolutions; 

  • Blog more - at least 4 times a week.
  • Learn to speak more Welsh than "I hate -insert name here- because he is boring" and various swear words.
  • Do my finances on each day of the month.
  • Improve my blog photography.
  • Produce at least one illustration a week because ya know, it's my job.

So how am I getting on? Not gonna lie I hadn't actively tried to complete a few of these, I'd basically forgotten they were on the list but I haven't done so bad!

  • Blog more - Helll yassssss this one I have achieved and more. I was planning on blogging at least 4 times a week because I thought that would keep me current and fresh enough without committing to an every day blog. After December when I posted one each day for advent you'd have thought I could have done with a break but in January I not only managed 4 posts a week, I surpassed it. I was even blogging 6 days on the spin so that makes me feel pretty good. 
  • Learn more Welsh - This one I am ashamed about because I knew it was on my list and I was painfully aware I hadn't done anything about it. My mum expressed an interest in learning Welsh too but she wanted to commit to attending classes which is something I really didn't want to do because my lifestyle is all hectic and all over the place anyway. So yeah, I haven't done anything about it, I need to look into apps and online courses and the like but in the mean time, I watched some S4C when I was in Wrexham so it almost counts right? 
  • Do my finances on the 1st- Right so I failed this one in January but I think it being New Years day is excuse enough. Ain't nobody got time for finances when they've been up celebrating 2016 till the early hours. However, I am still on top of my finances and I am on track to keep this one up for the rest of the year. 
  • Improve my blog photography- So this one is a tricky one because can I really be the judge on my own photography skills? All I know is I have done some really below par promo photos when I'm in a rush but on the other hand I have stopped taking photos on my iPhone so much and started using my camera and I have bought a daylight lamp so that's a step in the right direction at least. 
  • Illustrate once a week- I think I have won on this front and more. I have started taking part in Colour Collective again and have managed to post weekly (there's only been two weeks so far awks} and I have done a few one off illustrations for the old twitter hashtag. I also created my Valentines Day cards and completed a secret commission which I can't talk about just yet! 

How're you getting on with your New Years Resolutions one month on?