What It's Really Like To Host 3 Instagram Accounts


I wrote this post before the 'add multiple accounts' update was introduced so some points might not be so relevant to those of you who will never know the torture of signing in and out...

We are all a little obsessed with Instagram, let's not beat around the bush here. To some, hosting three, yes THREE accounts might sound like the dream but here's what you might no have realised...

  1. Logging in and out of your Instagram app will become the bane of your existence. You will spend more time then you'd care to remember signing out.
  2. Can't remember your username? Forgot your password? Too bad, you've got 3 to remember. 
  3. You'll spend 2478365365936 hours downloading apps that promise you can host multiple accounts on them. News flash. You can't. 
  4. Scheduling posts is a minefield of which account is this going on?
  5. When you get your scheduled post announcements you will spend the first five minutes working out which account it's going on....
  7. Trying to have a cheeky Instagram stalk and not remembering which account you're following that person on....
  8. Following the same person on multiple accounts. I HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS POST. 
  9. Accidentally 'liking' the same post on more than one of your accounts....
  10. But at the end of the day you have three grids to perfect so ya know, the pain is worth it.

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