5 Quotes To Live By This March.

So last month I decided to introduce a new monthly post into my blog and I am kicking off every new month with 5 quotes to keep you ticking along, consider it a mantra of sorts. You're welcome. 

(Read last month's post here!)

1. I'm Sorry For The Things I Said When It Was Winter. 

I know I for one am absolutely affected by the seasons. My motivation and general wellbeing peaks in the summer months and when it's sunny outside and grey rainy days kill my buzz and I'm all 'nope, not going to leave the duvet today'. I feel like a lot of people could use this quote this month, take it, share it, apologise to who you need to. Don't worry boo, I got you. 

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2. No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow. 

Again with the 'winter is OVER' buzz - can you spot a theme here? I think this month, it is important to remember that Spring IS coming. March can be a bit of a weird one, with Easter you feel like Spring really has sprung but let's not forget, we've had snow days in April before. No matter the weather this month, no matter if Winter does happen to keep it's hold on us, milder weather is coming. No fear friends. 

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3. Enjoy Life Now. This Is Not A Rehearsal. 

As a blogger, I am constantly thinking about the future. I am forever scheduling blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts - always writing and always thinking ahead. This month I aim to follow as the quote says and try and enjoy what's happening NOW instead of thinking about what's to come. We are a society of people wishing our future away, wishing we were older, counting down the days till the next day off, till the next holiday, till Christmas. Let March be the month to change that. 

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4. Have Nothing In Your House That You Do Not Know To Be Useful Or Believe It To Be Beautiful. 

I have seen this quote a thousand times but it seems even more appropriate come the beginning of Spring. Whether we realise it or not, whether we make the conscious decision or not, most of us have some sort of tidy up and clean out in the Spring. They don't call it a Spring clean for nuttin. If this March you're taking part in your own mission to de clutter, you might wanna use this as your new motto. 

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5. It Was One Of Those March Days When The Sun Shines Hot And The Wind Blows Cold: When It Is Summer In The Light And Winter In The Shade. 

Has there ever been a more beautifully worded quote to sum up March? Cheers Mr Dickens. I feel like this quote is so beautiful I could quite easily frame it and have it in my office, the way it is displayed is so fresh and ugh, just makes you feel so happy. I think if you're going to take one quote away from this list this month, make it this one - I know I will be. 

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Have a lovely March pals! Eat lots of chocolate, pray for sunny weather and follow me on Pinterest!