What I Learned From Moving Away & Back Again.

After 3 years of living in Wrexham in a cute little terraced house with my pals, moving home, starting my own business and squeezing my life back into my childhood bedroom was a shock. But it's something a hell of a lot of other 20 something's are doing right now as university fees cripple us, house prices frighten us and we basically have no other option. 

Here's what I learned from moving away and back again;

  • It'll be SO good with all the home cooked food and the rate the laundry appears back in your closet. 
  • You won't have room for ANYTHING. 
  • You'll have to chuck out all your cute colour co ordinated homeware because your mum already has all the crockery she needs. 
  • Lying in bed until the middle of the afternoon is not socially acceptable. 
  • The hot water makes a shower seem all the more satisfying when you know it's limitless and you aren't paying for it. 
  • Mum's have a specific way of hanging the washing on the line and you're doing it wrong. 
  • Mum's have a specific way of cooking and you're doing it wrong. 
  • Mum's have a specific way of doing the cleaning and you're doing it wrong. 
  • Mum's have a specific saucepan you should use on the hob and you chose the wrong one. 
  • Mum's want help around the house and boy will they vocalise how you AREN'T helping but when you do do it, you're inevitably doing it wrong. 
  • You cannot come and go as you please and it will suck the life out of you. 
  • You'll have to start driving again because ain't no public transport in the country and oh jesus how do I afford to fill the car up?
  • Sometimes you need to borrow a tenner from the rents and all your years of being financially free and independent and grown up will fly away and you will die inside. 
  • You will loose all the skills you learnt since you were away and revert to being a 15 year old who needs their clothes ironed and their tea made. 
  • It will surprise you how quickly you will be DESPERATE to leave again. 
  • The tv remote is no longer in your control. 
  • But you don't have to pay for the tv licence so there's that. 
  • The internet is bollocks and your family don't understand the social peril of not uploading that Instagram post. 
  • 1G of data on your phone isn't enough for a month. 
  • You won't need 700 minutes on your contract when you haven't got your mum to ring on your walk home every day. 
  • Your father has no idea how old you have got whilst you have been away or what you do with your life. 
  • Your student loan seems like an imaginary thing now you aren't being educated and have real people things to do like commute. 
  • You will find yourself wishing your younger siblings would hurry up and leave so you can claim their rooms as a dump for all your shit. 
  • You will not accept your younger siblings outrage that you came back. 
  • Your pets will ignore you for the first few weeks for abandoning them but then they will give you ALL THE LOVE AND FORGIVENESS and come leave you dead animals as present in the middle of the night. 
  • There is always a supply of fresh bread milk and cheese. It's like living in an Enid Blyton novel. 
  • You will miss your friends who are now spread out all around the country like something chronic. 
  • Your mum will look after you when you're poorly and everything in the world will be right again. 
  • Your parents don't understand your new language. What is a selfie? What's on fleek? Who is Queen Bey? (As if, there ain't nobody in the world that doesn't know Beyonce).
  • You don't get to go clothes shopping every week. Life. 
  • You will leave a lot quicker than you planned before you can reeeeally afford it because OMG I NEED THE INDEPENDENCE BACK IN MY LIFE. 

Be strong twenty somethings, we're all in the same boat.