What I Learned From Moving Home And Then Away Again.


Okay so 'away' might not be the right term seen as I only moved 15 minutes down the road. 

In February I wrote this post about what I learned from moving back home after 3 years of living 4 hours away. 

I had resigned myself to at least 3 years at home with my parents living in my childhood bedroom until I could realistically save for scary grown up things like a mortgage and then whadda ya know, 6 month later I upped and left and drove 15 minutes down the road to live with my boyfriend. 

So with that in mind, here's what I have learned from moving away from home (again). 

  • You will miss your mum's cooking more than anything. 
  • 758937498563746 trips to IKEA for storage will be necessary. And those cactuses. 
  • You'll really wish you hadn't thrown away all your cute matching crockery when you went home. 
  • Lying in bed until the middle of the afternoon is a reality again. 
  • There isn't enough hot water for you and your boyfriend to wash their hair on the same day. Bills. 
  • You won't bother hanging your clothes on the washing line - they'll dry just as well in your bathroom on an airer (clue: they won't). 
  • Cooking meals is a pain in the ass. Biscuits and crisps is much easier a meal. 
  • Cleaning is a bitch. 
  • The dishes pile up when Mum isn't there to do them. Who knew they don't wash themselves?
  • The laundry basket never empties. NEVER. 
  • You could come and go as you please but chances are, you cba to go anywhere anyway. 
  • You love the freedom to drive but bitch don't wanna pay for petrol. 
  • You will have no disposable income because bills and life and adulting. 
  • You will have to relearn to become a fully functioning adult because your few months at home as made a girl soft. 
  • You will keep making excuses to go home because comfort. 
  • The tv remote is still not in your control because you have a boyfriend or housemates.
  • You can't afford this TV licence anyway. 
  • You can't afford the best internet hub that costs 813789247892374 quid but loads super fast but hey, gurl gotta instagram. 
  • You'll be able to make grown up decisions again like paying off your phone contract early to get a new phone you don't need and pay over the odds for it. 
  • You'll need those 700 minutes you cancelled because you have to ring your Mum errday to ask things like "will this chicken kill me?"
  • You will phone your Dad only when your Mum isn't answering. He will not pick up. 
  • You will die a little inside when the letter telling you EXACTLY how much you owe to student finance comes through the mail. 
  • Except it'll go to your parents house because god forbid you remembered to change your mailing address now you moved out. 
  • You will lead your younger siblings astray by having them over to your new place for sleepovers. 
  • You will frequent visits home just to see the family pet. 
  • Your milk is always off and your bread is always mouldy. 
  • You now have somewhere all your friends can come visit and you can host house parties and dinners but you won't because cba hosting and cleaning up afterward. 
  • Being ill is made 10000000x worse when your mother isn't there. Your other half will not be up to the job. 
  • You can go an entire day without communicating in anything more audible than a grunt. 
  • You could go clothes shopping every week like you used to in uni but you won't because you don't have enough money plus shopping online is so much easier and you don't have to deal with real people. 
  • You realise you moved out again in a bit of a hurry and maybe you should have appreciated home comforts a bit more and saved a bit harder and stolen some more cheese from your Mum's fridge before you went. 

One day you might get this independence thing right. 

(Read the original post here!)