Alt Bloggers Chat

So I briefly mentioned in this post last Friday how much I LOVED last week's Alt Bloggers chat and since then, there's been another lovely one too! 

I take part in a lot of blogger chats but Alt Bloggers has been the best one so far and I think a huge part of that is they retweet your responses to their questions! I appreciate a lot of huge chats that have 37182748923745 bloggers taking part simply can't sit there and retweet it all but Alt Bloggers do and it makes the whole chat flow so nicely. You don't have to sit there watching and refreshing a hashtag to find out what everyone else is saying, it's all there laid out on one account and it makes it SO much easier to find out who else is taking part. 

Alt Bloggers is not the biggest blogger chat by any means but it's fun, the questions are fun and the format is so easy to get involved with. Alt Bloggers nearly always tweet people taking part to welcome them, thank them for getting involved and have even sent me a DM to remind me it was on which is a godsend if you're like me and you always forget what time chats start. 

Undoubtedly the best part of taking part in a chat hosted by Alt Bloggers is the chat itself. It's the people you speak to and the connections you make and the conversations that are born from it. It is also a SERIOUSLY good way of connecting with people you might not have connected with before, having more people exposed to your blog and finding other blogs you love! A fortnight ago, I had over 80 notifications on my Twitter of retweets, likes and mentions all directly from the Alt Bloggers chat in less than an hour and unless you're like Zoella or summin, when does that happen on a quiet Saturday night normally?

Alt Bloggers is hosted on a Saturday night normally at 6pm but they are tweaking with the format to get the best time for everybody so just keep checking in on their account to find out when the next one is! 

You can find Alt Bloggers on Twitter here!