Summer Homeware Edit

High Street Summer Homeware.  

High Street Summer Homeware.  

Ok so I looked at my blog planner for the next month and I have a lot of wishlists coming your way so soz and that but they basically validate my need to shop. All the comments like "oh this is lovely" in my mind says "Gwennan, you should buy this." And thus, I do. 

So to return the favour this summer homeware edit is my gift to you; you NEED more unicorn homeware. You do. You deserve it gal. 

In my opinion, each transition into a new season means you should probably change up your homeware. I'm not saying chuck everything out and buy a new couch but ya know, tuck those tartan blankets into the back of your wardrobe, put all the floral cushions away and get yo summer on. I wanted to scout out what the high street had to offer this summer and this list of 16 reasonably priced (except the footstool but yolo) things is the gift I give to you. 

Admittedly I did expect it to be more colourful but what can I say, I'm clearly into grey tones at the moment. But ALL the pineapples yes sir. 

Now run forth to the high street and fill your homes with flamingoes and parrots and pineapples and cacti and all other items that scream SUMMER IS HERE AND I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GO ON HOLS COS I BOUGHT ALL THIS SHIT. 




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