My Summer Wardrobe Wishlist.

Summer Wardrobe High Street Wishlist. 

Summer Wardrobe High Street Wishlist. 

Another week, another wishlist. 

I have made no secret of the fact that I do not have a bank balance worthy of high end or even TopShop most of the time. I have frequently made jokes about how I'm wearing 90% Primark at any one given time and today as I type this that is true from my jeans to my underwear to my slippers, even to the hairbobble on my wrist and the eyeliner on my eyes. The only thing that isn't Primark is my shirt and it's one I nabbed in uni when my flatmate was having a clear out. Thug life. 

So even if I had all the money in the world - here's the high street picks I'd shop this summer (also, these lists make is apparent I really don't like colour......)

Now if someone wants to gift me an item (or the entire lot) that'd be great. 

The Primark embroidered wedges are my ABSOLUTE fav. Imagine them on holiday with a tan and some ripped skinny jeans and coral toe nails? Ugh, someone get me on holiday. 

Sadly, heels don't agree with me so whilst I might just lust after them, I'm praying some of them ASOS flats go on sale before my hols in July.




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