A Comprehensive Guide To Blogging - By Other Bloggers.


Blogging, whether you do it for fun or as a business or a bit of both, sometimes throws up it's own challenges. 

There's no escaping the fact you have to delve into the realms of the Bloggersphere a little bit just to get by. From learning to code what widget you want or how to get that scrolly Instagram bar on the bottom of your site to photography tips and SEO and how to make the most of your social media, we all need a little extra help sometimes to get what we want. 

I for one certainly don't know how to be a blogging queen. I am forever Googling how to do something, visiting the Squarespace help and advice pages, saving tips and tricks from other bloggers. I even have a sticky note on my Mac with no follow code because damn I forget every time. 

With that in mind I thought I'd create the ultimate guide to blogging, organised into handy little sections for you to refer back to when you need a quick answer. Sadly I'm no pro* so instead I've linked to allllll the blogging queens I admire who's posts I have saved, bookmarked, pinned and used time and time again. They really are bossing it. 

*I did chuck a few of mine in there because I do some alright advice once in a while!


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