Christmas Tree Decoration Wishlist.


I have two Christmas trees in my house. 

I have a 4 ft one that I bought in university when room was tight and I have a 6 ft one that I bought last year when I moved into my boyfriend's house.

Next year I'll have even more room and maybe I'll get another one....

With all these trees to decorated I have been known to collect a decoration or two. Read the top of two wardrobes are full to the rafters of decorations. No regrets.

Every year I like to collect some more baubles and hanging decorations, I don't have a theme, my tree is more a collection of things I've gathered over the years that bring back memories. I like it that way. 

Every year I add a few more of the newest season decorations to my trees and every year my boyfriend says I won't find space to hang them all. Clue; I do. 

This year I think the supermarkets and high street have out done themselves on the cutest (but reasonably priced) decorations so here's a few I've had my eye on the past few weeks.....