Birthday Gift Inspo.


Did somebody scream BIRTHDAY MONTH? No? Just me? 

It might have escaped your knowledge (although I've been dropping hints for weeks) that it's my birthday on October 17th and I'll be the ripe old age of 24. 

Whilst in real life I asked my parents for lots of cheap and cheerful gifts for the big day (including lots of Christmas decorations, no hate), I thought it'd be fun to create a dream gift list if I had relatives that had, ooooh I dunno, a spare 800 quid to spend on me. A girl can dream. 

It's heavy on the homeware because obvs at 24 I am a mature and responsible adult who needs all this shizz but if there's one gift you wanna pop in the post office for me, just grab me that Oliver Bonas pink and marble lamp. A bloggers dream.