What I Got: 24th Birthday.

24th Birthday Present Haul. 

24th Birthday Present Haul. 

Remember when I said in an earlier post this week that I'm a fan of the small and plenty way of present buying? Yeah my friends and family have massively cottoned on to that and that's why it looks like I had about 200 presents for my 24th birthday. 

I was originally going to link to some of my presents for you to browse and buy (such an enabler me) but then I realised that meant looking at the prices of things people bought me and that doesn't sound cool but they're all easy enough to find and get your hands on. 

It's worth mentioning I had 13 pairs of socks, ALL of which were from Accessorize but given to me by 3 different people so ya'll know where to go to get your cute sock fix - have you SEEN them hot dog ones??

I got a lottt of homeware and cosy Autumnal things because people know me well but I also had about 50% of the Matalan Christmas range which was something I'd asked for. I am a BIG lover of Christmas and having a birthday a mere 2 months before the festive period means I often ask for Christmas decorations so when it comes to it, I have lots of exciting and pretty new things that I didn't pay for..... The top of my wardrobe currently houses 2 Christmas trees, 6 boxes of decorations, 2 bags and a mahooosive bin bag full of Christmas cushions and blankets....

There are some products that aren't photographed and that's either because they were already in use before I took the photos (impatient bad blogger I know) or because they're going to crop up in blog photos as props in the next few months and I don't want to spoilt the illusion - Hannah if you're reading this, that's exactly what's happened to your presents. 

I also got a lot of Coconut Lane goodies which are beautiful so don't forget you can get 20% off with my code meltdown20 because they really are beaut. 

Big big big love and massive thank yous to everyone who got me a present (or two) and special love for my brother's fiancé who knows how much I love giving presents and filled me the biggest bag of presents she took a lot of care and time sourcing - it's so nice to have someone do it for me <3 <3 <3