Current Bullet Journal Inspiration.

Bullet Journal Inspiration - February 2017. 

Bullet Journal Inspiration - February 2017. 

If you've been following my blog for a while you might have seen some of my bullet journal posts before and will know I only got into the trend I now obsess over last May. I was A Ok with starting a journal partway through the year because I knew that's the beauty of a bujo, the ability to flit in and out when you want to and make it completely customisable to yourself and your life. 

So when January 2017 rolled round and I hadn't finished the notebook I was using (a £5.00 lined bargain from TK Maxx may I add), I didn't fret, I just transitioned nicely into the new year as if it was just another month. 


I got bought that old classic black Leuchtturm 1917 squared format A5 notebook for Christmas and it's been sat on a shelf just staring at me. Willing me to use it. Tempting me with it's perfectly formed squares and the possibility of straight lines without a ruler. 

And since that day I just started falling a bit out of love with my bujo. Sure I'd designed my January templates and I started my February one out of habit but secretly I was harbouring the desire to start a new journal on a fresh clean slate of a new 365 days. 

And so my friends I am ashamed to admit the pull was too much, in February I sacked off my long forgotten pink TK Maxx journal and whipped up a new one in my Leuchtturm. I have been working on it for a few weeks getting it exactly the way I want and FYI I am in love.

I'm doing a proper post on it with a flip through when I finally get it how I want and find some actual factual daylight to photograph in but for now I thought I'd show you the kinda inspiration I'm looking at. I have been trawling Pinterest for ideas and spreads, some of which have literally gone into my journal and whilst I'm still all about that black and white minimalism, I am playing about with doodles and icons much more than my old bujo and for that, Pinterest has my heart. 


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