Decorating My Home For Christmas With Talking Tables.

Finally finally my Christmas decorations are up and my teeny tiny home has very much a grotto feeling about it.

Last Saturday evening me and Joss whacked the Christmas tunes up and got the bazillion boxes of decorations down from the top of the wardrobe.

We have 2 trees, a 6ft one in the bedroom and a 4ft one in our little living room and a LOT of decorations on our shelves/anywhere I can find a spare space to fill with CHRISTMAS.

But I'm not here to list every which what and why I have on my tree and in my home (although I do have 5 spouts with party hats on which is a whole different matter) - I'm here to talk about my love AGAIN for Talking Tables .

If this is the first time you've dipped into my blog Talking Tables are a party/events brand who also happen to do a gorgeous range of homeware and trinkets and my love for them started during #BloggerPitP. We've worked together now on a bunch of collabs which you can read here, here and here and a few weeks ago on a particularly rubbish day a GIGANTIC box of Christmas goodies landed on my doorstep.

You can read my Pinterest inspired DIY with TT here but I got a whole load more to share with you from plates and napkins and crackers (post on party goodies coming soon) and a butt load of decorations for my home.

I never need an excuse to get more decorations and Talking Tables Waiting For Santa range was one I had my eye on since I spied it stocked in Paperchase a few months back. As well as bunting and an advent countdown and a special key for houses without fireplaces (how else will Santa get in???) I also got table scatter, pinecones, baubles and some little DIYS.

Joss, not normally the most patient person in the world got right into the festive spirit sat with me and put together decorations and threaded paperchains and actually (dare he admit it) enjoyed it. It was therapeutic, it was Christmassy and we managed not to smash anything/break our paperchains in fury.

I'll list everything I can remember that Talking Tables sent me at the bottom of the post but I'll leave you with a shed load of images and the affirmation yet again that Talking Tables not only do the loveliest, most fun products - they're also fabulous to work with too.


Botanical Christmas Sprout Labels - £3.00

Botanical Christmas Sprout Crackers - £12.50

Botanical Christmas Sprout Napkins - £3.50

Botanical Christmas Sprout Paperchain - £4.00

Botanical Christmas Sprout Paper Plates - £3.00

Botanical Christmas Glass Baubles - £9.50

Botanical Christmas Pine Cones - £5.50

Ho Ho Ho Snowflake Table Scatter - £3.00

Waiting For Santa Honeycomb Friends - £7.50

Waiting For Santa Key - £5.50

Waiting For Santa Photobooth Crackers - £12.50

Waiting For Santa Christmas Bunting - £8.00

Waiting For Santa Chalkboard Countdown Calendar - £8.00

Waiting For Santa Paperchains - £4.00

Party Porcelain Gold Cutlery - £7.00

My Christmas box of goodies were sent to me for free by Talking Tables but all Christmas love, tree decoration skills and opinions are as always my own.