Do We Dare Whisper About Summer?


It's that time of year when bloggers and vloggers alike start looking ahead, thinking up content and dreaming about Summer. 

The last week of May for me means drawing out my June blogging calendar and I spent half hour or so today plotting out a brief plan and yes, I included some Summer content. And yet again it got me thinking about whether we wish time away? Do we, as bloggers, spend so much time thinking ahead to future content we forget about the here and now and the lovely things about the season we're in?

I think the answer is yes but at the same time I think influencers spend SO much time thinking about what's coming, about the next season that we appreciate the smaller finer details about all of them - simply because we think about it so much!


So, because my weather app is showing 22 degrees at the end of the week and bloggers across the land are starting to gear up their Summer content, I thought in case you haven't read my blog from the beginning or you need some Summer2k17 inspo - here's a few goldie oldies from my own blog archive.