***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printables.

Can I emphasise enough that they're free?

Last weekend I wrote about my first week using my bullet journal, a pink bargain from TK Maxx (read the original post here) and being the photo heavy post that is was, the one thing that commented on more than anything was how pretty it was. 

So FYI if you are new to the blog I am trained and qualified and practising as an illustrator so design and illustration and doodling and making things look pretty is literally my business - it is how I make my money. After having 217489237592375 people tweet me like "ugh I wish mine could look like this' or saying they were pinning images to copy later I soon realised that actually if you haven't naturally got an artistic flair but want your BuJo to look a certain way, drawing like this or handwriting nice fonts and banners is actually quite difficult. 

Thus the idea came into my head for this post and subsequently turned into me having a massive surge of inspiration and designing all kinds of new projects for my Etsy shop which are all at the printers. 

The Way I'd Like This To Work.

I've created 5 pages of printables based on the designs in my bullet journal for you to print off at home and use as inspiration or to trace from. All are designed with an A5 ish bullet journal in mind - ain't nobody got time for MAHOOSIVE letters too big for your notebook. 

These printables are free and I hope to create more which will be paid for and sold on my Etsy shop and here's where the fun comes in. 

I'm having a huge overhaul of my Etsy store (June 2016). I'm going to have a new ish look, an easy layout and I'm going to be focusing on stationery inspired by bullet journals, blogging and being organised. In the coming weeks I am going to be promoting my new look and selling off all my old stock in a MASSIVE sale so you can get things on the cheap which is always nice. In addition to celebrate my relaunch I'm going to host a giveaway on Twitter (follow me here).

What I'd Like From You Lovely Folks....

If you are interested in these printables and do end up using them I would love for you to give me a little love on Etsy by favouriting my shop so that when I get all my new stock and celebrate my relaunch, you'll be first in line to hear about what I've got going on (if you tweet me to say you've done it cos Etsy names are sometimes elusive to who you are I'll be tweeting out a lot of thanks to all my followers). 

Oh and if you wanna tag me on Instagram if you've printed and used my printables I am super nosey and would love that!

Cheers dolls. 

Shop my Etsy store here!


*** Etsy shop relaunched June 1st 2016. 


Happy Bullet Journaling!





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