MINI Friday Favourites 7th October 2016.

Friday Favourites 7th October 2016. 

Friday Favourites 7th October 2016. 

So I'm in Wrexham and I don't have the time or the wifi to even tweet properly let alone construct a full on blog post- oh the eternal struggles of Premier Inn internet. 

The most I can muster for you this Autumnal Friday is a mini Friday Favourites and I'll make it up to you with a bumper version next week. Deal?

1. Blooming Relationships. 

This week has been a week full of collabs on the blog. I like blogs to read as natural and not be full of reviews and sponsored content but this week I had a few all at the same time, purely down to publishing deadlines. Life. If you missed any of my collaborations you can catch up on them over here!

Escape Reality Cardiff review. 

Art students are under valued in collab with London Graphic. 

Spotlight and exclusive printables at The Study Room. 


2. Road Trip. 

There are few things I love more in life than a good road trip. I visit Wrexham about 3 times a year since I graduated and it takes 4 hours to drive there so it's not the quickest of visits. Baring in mind I travel up and back on my own, I love a good roadtrip. I put Radio 1 breakfast show on, I got the snacks around me in arms reach and I made it in 4 hours door to door and had suuuuch a nice time. And it was sunny which is always a help. 

3. Back To University. 

Obviously Wrexham is one of my favourite places because it holds so many good university memories and I feel all happy and nostalgic going back there. When this goes live it'll be my last day in town but I've had SUCH a good time already and I'm so sad when I have to go home again. We're here this time as an early birthday celebration for yours truly (10 days early yolo) and it was the perfect start to my 24th. I've eaten hideously and spent lots of money but isn't that what holidays are for? 

I'll be back next week with a proper round up of Wrexham and my time away and all the rest of my favourites and normal business will resume!