Friday Favourites 16th - 22nd April 2016.

Friday Favourites 22nd April 2016. 

Friday Favourites 22nd April 2016. 

It's FRIYAY -insert all the celebration emojis here-

It's been another glorious sunny week and I have been out and about with my niece and doing lots of illustrating and creating (for once!). I also started my bullet journal FINALLY which I will surely share later on in a blog post (or 893729846237864).

1. New Treats. 

I am skint at the moment NGL. I did that really clever thing of buying a phone (more on that coming up) when I had no dosh and now I owe my mum a healthy few hundred quid. With that in mind, and this is something that happens infrequently in my house, she treated me to a new jacket. I do now owe her for it so ya know, less of a treat but hey, what's another 20 quid to owe. My brother's girlfriend (I really deliberated on calling her that, even though that's what she is but seen as they have a child together, girlfriend just doesn't seem the right term) came to our house the other week wearing THE MOST gorgeous blazer and when she left me and my mum both exclaimed how much we loved it. Then whadda ya know, we were in Tesco at the end of last week and they had the very same blazer and they only had it in my size and I don't know about you but in my books, that's fate. So yeah this little number is 20 quid in Tesco F&F and is THE DREAM fit, a lovely cut and looks way more expensive than it is. I recommend you all invest. 

2. Some Well Earned Pal Time. 

Yes yet again I have booked a night away in my university town of Wrexham. I LOVE the fact that me and my friends who are now spread around all over the country are making the effort to keep meeting up and having been out of student life for nearly a year now, having met up 4 times with a week in London thrown in too, we haven't done too bad. So in the middle of May I am moseying on up to Wrexham to take part in what has become a tradition for us with a night in the Premier Inn with my bestie, a trip to our friends parents house, a F&B tea and some shopping the day after. Bliss. 

My graduation photo with my besties. 

My graduation photo with my besties. 

3. RHS Bute Park, Cardiff. 

So spending my Sunday at a flower show is not how I'd say it would ideally go but last Sunday I went with my Mum (a massive gardener) and I actually had a really lovely afternoon! It was sunny, the tulips were glorious, the Instagram opportunities were abundant and the little craft stalls were adorable. We went with my brother and his baby girl (who had a lovely time FYI) and met up with her other grandparents and auntie so it was a big family affair and it was lovely. 

4. #The100DayProject

The 100 Day Project on Instagram started this week and although today is only day 4 I am really really enjoying it. It's really nice to have something to focus on and a goal to aim for at the end. Also it's very motivating to stay creative every day and I am LOVING nosing at everybody else's projects! Don't forget you can read about my project here and follow me on Instagram to keep up here

5. New Investment. 

As mentioned above, I bought a new phone this week. I have had an iPhone 5c since last summer as a bit of a stopover until the iPhone 6 came down in price. I have a £10.00 contract with Tesco Mobile sim only and I cannot escape it. It's SUCH good value I don't know if I could ever make the commitment to a contract again so I've been looking for months for an iPhone 6 that wasn't 500 quid. So when one came up on Music Magpie of all places for a fraction of the price and with the sale of my iPhone 5c (buy here) I snapped it up. It is SO much better, the camera is better, the memory is better, the way it runs is better and the finger print button is a god send. 

My new iPhone 6. 

My new iPhone 6. 

So another week over, another weekend to look forward to and the Queen is having a knees up. Enjoy lovely people! 




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