Friday Favourites 20th - 26th August 2016.

Friday Favourite August 26th. 

Friday Favourite August 26th. 

How on earth has this week gone so fast? It seems like yesterday I was prancing about London enjoying a picnic and now I'm back in Wales and it's raining so much it's like Winter when appaz yesterday was 32 degrees in the capital. Britain is weird. Also 4 months till Christmas so there's that. 

1. #BloggerPitP. 

Obviously it was my favourite event of the past week, was there any point assuming it'd be anything else? I don't even know what more I can say that I haven't raved about on my blog or on Twitter and Insta but honestly, it just couldn't have gone better. Everyone has been so nice about it too, the reviews have been amazing and SO many people have said they wished they had known about it or wished they could have come so I'm sure there'll be another one! 

Otherwise read my event review here or my brand review here. 

2. These Chumps. 

This was actually my favourite thing about the week but ya know, thought I best put the event first seen as we organised it and what not. But it was these loons, these little gems (and the ones we had to leave at home) that made the day all the better. For those who attended the picnic, it was a mere few hours in an afternoon but for us 4, it was the whole day and I don't think I stopped laughing. I am hideously proud of what they achieved and absolutely thrilled I could be a part of it. What the rest of Twitter won't have seen is the day or two after the picnic we were all making eachother cry sharing the love in our group message. Baes. 

With Hannah, Mel and Sarah. 

With Hannah, Mel and Sarah

3. Hammam Havlu Towel. 

I couldn't photograph this beauty before because it had to have a leeeedle wash because it got a bit strawberry stained at the picnic but this towel from Hammam Havlu is one of the highlights of the freebies from the picnic. As mentioned, the organisers had one each and we raffled off the other 4 and everyone has been RAVING about them. I'll do a proper review in a few weeks once I've got some use out of it but it was a nice blanket for the train journey back I can confirm that.

4. Getting My Health Kick On. 

I've spoken briefly about my relationship with exercise and body confidence on the blog before but I was a SERIOUSLY skinny kid and teenager and then when I went to uni I led a really crappy lifestyle and put on three stone. Like it's fine, I was underweight to start with but I just don't feel 100% confident all the time but I'm too lazy/love food too much to bother doing anything about it. But then, then my future sister in law asked me to be bridesmaid at my brothers wedding and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I was like I am NOT walking down that aisle with her and her sister and the flower girls not feeling happy with myself and so I've decided that'll be my goal - I'll get healthier and more toned by then, I don't even care about the weight, just being more in shape. So this week I gave myself a kick up the backside and started training. I've been cycling and I started running again for the first time in a year. I went for half an hour, it wasn't easy, I couldn't run the whole way but I was pretty pleased with how it made me I got to run round here so I'm excited to get the trainers back on. 

Not the worst running ground. 

Not the worst running ground. 

5. The Beach.

Next on my list of places I've visited for the first time in years with my niece; my local beach. I live pretty close to the sea anyway but when I go to the beach I tend to go to the sandy ones about 20 minutes away because I have friends that live there but this week I took my niece to our closest one. It's rocky, there's no real sand but it's less than 10 minutes away and she LOVED picking up stones and chucking them in rock pools. Little things please 1 year olds and her being happy pleases me! 

Now let's not all freak out too much that it's September next week right?






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