Friday Favourites 3rd - 9th September 2016

Friday Favourites 9th September 2016. 

Friday Favourites 9th September 2016. 

This week has been mayhem. I ended up staying at my parents for 3 days simply because I was so hideously busy, Joss was poorly and off work the beginning of this week and then naturally I got his cold when he was better the end of the week. Beaut. 

In other news I'm not doing a Friday Favourites next week because I'm spending the week doing a series on university/freshers and students soooo the following week will be a bumper one, you lucky lot you. 

1. Autumn (finally). 

Yassss it's arrived. Every year I think I love summer, I think it's my favourite season and then in reality I remember as much as I love the light nights, I cannot STAND hot weather and summer dressing and I start counting down the days till Autumn again. Now it's September and the hot weather has made way for rain and I feel like it's acceptable to get the ankle boots out again.... Also nearly everyone I know has autumn leaves in their twitter bio and omg the whole feed is just so cute. Also I made my birthday list because it's about a month away and it heavily featured Christmas products....don't judge. 

2. Family Time. 

The end of last week we got to see some family we hardly ever see and we did some work for Joss' family cider company which is nice because with Joss' shifts, we actually barely get to see any of them! Sadly it absolutely pissed it down the whole event and we were selling outside and that'd uhm, probably why we got poorly. That being said I had two Greggs sausage rolls because it was so cold so that can only be a plus right? 

3. Rainy Wandering. 

Last week we had my niece as normal and whilst there was a break in the weather we got her coat and shoes out and went for a walk down the village. It's so small it isn't even a village so it takes about 3 minutes to walk round the whole thing but being a one year old who's only been walking about 6 weeks, needless to say it took a long time. Not just because she wanted to stomp in every puddle, eat every blackberry on the bushes and pick up every stone she passed. Luckily it gave me plenty of time to take photos of where I live and appreciate just how beautiful it is around me. 

4. New Pals. 

Wednesday was bit nicer and instead of a wander locally we took my niece to a farm park that has basically all it's animals wandering round freely. Sadly erm my niece was terrified of everything except this prairie dog and a few baby chicks but OMG HOW CUTE?? They were just wandering about, burrowing in the ground chilling with a duck. This one popped over to say hi and posed for a few photos too. Bae.  

5. The Office. 

Whilst Joss was ill and whilst we still have Netflix (anyone else cancel and resubscribe all the time? No?) he started watching The Office (Uk) from the beginning because he hadn't seen it and I managed to catch a lot of it too. I watched it years ago and haven't seen it since and I forgot just what a piece of genius writing it is. The moments I caught myself physcially cringing or hiding behind a pillow at David Brent and having to remind myself he's just a character is unreal. And *spoilers* when Dawn walks back in for Tim at the Christmas Party I legit cried like I did the first time I watched it. 100% recommend if you haven't seen it for a while, it's still gold. 

Hope your weekend is shiny bright and full of lovely Autumnal things like pumpkin spiced lattes and berry nail varnish and a big thick scarf. Enjoy beauties!