Friday Favourites 2nd - 8th April 2016.

Friday Favourites 08.04.16 promo photo. 

Friday Favourites 08.04.16 promo photo. 

1. Liebster Award. 

So technically this happened last week but the post only went up in the last 7 days so whatcha gunna do. I got nominated by the lovely Katie (get involved with her Lovely Message Chain here) and it was a really fun blog post to do and so refreshing to have something new to write about, not my own content! 

It's SO nice to be asked to do these things and to be mentioned in so many #FF on twitter after taking part in blogger chats. It really is the loveliest community so if you DO have a blog, definitely have a look at these types of tags because it's a welcome break from your normal content and get involved with some chats, we'd love to have you! 

Read the original post here!

Liebster Award logo. 

Liebster Award logo. 

2. Bristol. 

Having finished university nearly A YEAR ago (seriously wtf) I still find it really bizarre that I no longer live with my flatmate who I lived with for the whole three years in Wrexham. Now we have to actually plan around work and schedules and money and we have to arrange to meet up, not just pop over the step separating our bedrooms anymore. Having last seen each other in Cardiff in DECEMBER (how, how is time going so quickly?!), this time we met in sunny Bristol. Bit of info for you, she lives just outside Bristol and I live just outside Cardiff so these two lovely cities feature heavily in our meet ups. It was a beaut day in Bristol and we shopped and we caught up and we took advantage of the McDonalds monopoly situation and our un-expired (is that even a word?) student card cos gurl can never have enough free food. It was a lovely day although a bit of a pisser that it took me 2 hours on the train to get what is essentially only about 50 minutes away... Life. 

3. Haul. 

I feel like I haven't been shopping in FOREVER and I was pretty excited to get in the shops and see what was in, especially because Bristol Primark is mahooosive. However, for two self employed people who run their own business we geniuses arranged to meet on the last day of the tax year so I was skint. However my budget did manage to stretch to a cheeky few purchases from Primark, Tiger and TKMaxx which satisfied my need to shop. 

Nails, socks, jeans, shirt, drinking jar and peg photo holder all Primark.  Black and white notebook from Tiger.  Pink notebook from TK Maxx.  Nail Varnish from Maybelline at Superdrug. 

Nails, socks, jeans, shirt, drinking jar and peg photo holder all Primark. 

Black and white notebook from Tiger. 

Pink notebook from TK Maxx. 

Nail Varnish from Maybelline at Superdrug. 

4. Summer Shoes. 

So I've been banging on about it being Spring since the very first day of March and I am 100% one of those people who whack out the sunnies and ditch the coat at the first sign of any sunshine, only to be back in my jeans and ankle boots in July cos damnnn gurl don't have a summer wardrobe. But this week it's been glorious and the summer shoes have been out in full force AND I didn't wear socks AND my toes didn't feel like they were being frostbitten. -insert celebration emojis here- 

*Leopard slip ons are last summer Primark and the Adidas knock offs are last season sale from New Look so soz but they probably aren't in store anymore. 

5. Bullet Journal. 

So it'll come of no surprise that as an illustrator, blogger, business owner and organisation obsessive- bullet journalling is my kind of fad. Bloggers around the world have been raving about it for months and ever since I first heard of it I thought it'd be something I'd like to get on board with. HOWEVER. The fav bullet journals of bloggers are hella expensive and I cannot justify paying like 20 quid for a friggin notebook no matter how pretty. So long story short, I went into TKMaxx in Bristol and I got this stunnah for less than a fiver. Pretty excited to get organising. 

'All Good Things Are Wild & Free' notebook from TKMaxxx. 

'All Good Things Are Wild & Free' notebook from TKMaxxx. 

Hope your next 7 days are full of lovely happy things that make your heart sing! 



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