High Street Gift Wrapping Wish List

Gift Wrap & Accessories Wish List. 

Gift Wrap & Accessories Wish List. 

Bit of a weird one for a wishlist I'll grant you but if you read yesterdays Pinterest Inspired DIY Wrapping post I think I made my love for wrapping very plain. 

I think there are two types of people in this world and it can be summed up by my household;

1. Those who wrap. They have a 'wrapping paper drawer' or cupboard dedicated to their paper and supplies. They have a constant stream of ribbon and labels and tags. They know how to curl that metallic stuff to make it look pretty and they write in their best handwriting. They fold creases perfectly and know what to do with mis shaped items like bottles and clothing. They take great joy in the activity, consider it one of the best things about Christmas and they can do that paper glide thing with the scissors. Me. 

2. Those who don't wrap. They always forget to buy wrapping paper and have to steal it off their girlfriend/boyfriend/mum at the last minute. They have no concept of a wrapping theme. They don't even consider writing labels, it's probably for you right? They use half a roll for a DVD. They don't understand the art form and wtf even is a scissor glide and they'd rather just give presents in the Amazon box they came from. My boyfriend. 

I am firmly the former and I take real pride in my wrapping every Christmas and spend an absurd amount of time looking at all the papers and accessories and tags the high street and supermarket have to offer. 

I always go budget, like not the really thin stuff that you can see the gift through but the 3 for 2 kinda bench mark because at the end of the day it IS just chucked away but there's some really lovely designs without spending half your festive budget on it. I also don't really go for themes. I certainly don't go for one wrapping theme for everyone on my gift list because whilst it looks nice under MY tree, I try and think about what the recipient might like. 

I make sure to get rolls appropriate for my niece and the kids in the family. I get modern and minimalist for friends and siblings. I choose classic and timeless, preferably something checked or with stags on for the parents and grandparents. I might not get the matching tags and bows but I always make sure they work in colour scheme and style for each person and I like to wrap one family members all the same, then move onto the next person. 

I properly consider it which is why I have come up with a quick wishlist of my favs which I hope *someone, anyone* might wrap mine in this year. 

How do you wrap your Christmas presents? Are they already done? Do you have a theme?