Homeware You Didn't Know You Needed.

Some of my latest homeware endeavours.....

Some of my latest homeware endeavours.....

I have always had a taste for homeware but lately with my new house my obsession has gone from low key to high brow. 

One thing I have discovered whilst shopping for a whole house is the amount of homeware you didn't realise you needed until it becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD. 

Here's a few items you didn't realise needed to be on your IKEA list but absolutely must be....

1. Freezer Thermometer. Sarah saw this was in my bullet journal shopping list and asked what it was and why I needed it. It is a thermometer you put in your freezer to check what temperature it is so you know if it's slowly getting warmer and you have time to save your food. Vital. 

2. A Mini Greenhouse. I mean where else are you going to keep all your cacti and succulents? Of course you need a small greenhouse/terrarium hybrid.

3. Protectors For All Of Your Chairs. Tiny circular foam pads attached to the bottom of every table and chair leg because god forbid some absolute moron doesn't pick up the chair when they move it and scratches your new floor.

4. Ten Million Dusters. Cos cleaning. 

5. A Blanket Basket. Before you were a home owner you thought blankets and throws just lived on the floor or at a push, the back of a sofa or bottom of a bed. Until you became a grown up and realised that of COURSE they need a dedicated basket. Preferably woven.

6. Log Basket. See above, whether or not you have a log burning fire. 

7. Candles For Decoration Only. You know the ones, the really over priced opulent ones that you have no intention of burning because they're too damn beautiful. Also include candle holder. 

8. The Majority Of Your Kitchen Utensils. Ice cube trays, excess spatulas, rolling pins for the baking you never do. You find you MUST have a full kitchen set because guests might suspect you don't actually do any cooking otherwise...

9. Coasters. Surplus coasters. Ten thousand coasters. 

10. Matching Hangers. Gone are the days of just whacking your clothes on hangers you got with the items at the shops, now you need all wooden coat hangers, all matching, preferably a matte pastel colour to make your wardrobe extra beautiful.

What unnecessary purchases have you found yourself making with no idea why?