How To Spring Clean Your Blog.

Tips & Tricks for giving your blog a spring clean. 

Tips & Tricks for giving your blog a spring clean. 

Oh hey remember yesterday when I wrote about Spring Cleaning and didn't lose 289847832 followers? 

Today I thought I'd dip out of the home cleaning department and into the realms of Spring Cleaning your blog. 

Spring Cleaning is not limited to your kitchen cupboards and the back of the shelf you can never reach the rest of the year oh no. This time of year is also great for giving your blog a little dust and a hoover too. 

1. Have A Little Redesign.

The best way to celebrate a Spring Clean is undoubtedly having a fresh Spring look. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I plan to update my blog for every season as and when I fancy it and that's why I changed my colour theme from ice blue to yellow because helllloooo florals. If there's parts of your blog design, however big or small, that you decide you don't like anymore or isn't working; change that shit up. Giving your blog a little freshen up will no doubt force allll the inspiration - I swear by it. 

2. Update Your Admin. 

Once a year or so I think it's important to update your admin pages and this is a great time of year to do it if you're having a bit of a blog audit. I'm talking your About Me pages, your Contact Me pages, your Work With Me Pages etc etc. Go through them and update any outdates information or anything that doesn't work anymore. Make sure your contact information is up to date and if you have media kits or rate cards, whack them on there too. 

3. Fix Those Links. 

Ugh. The job we all hate I think. It's so vital to the workings of your blog and SEO and all that gubbins but nobody likes to fix broken links do they? Sit down with something good on the TV, get a brew in front of you and just get it done - we all know it's important. 

4. Update Your Photos. 

Maybe you've changed your layout and now your horizontal pictures don't work in your portrait format anymore. Maybe you've still got the odd old post doing the rounds on social media but the 4 year old promo image looks crap next to your newest sassy ones. Maybe you now include pinnable images in all your posts and you need to update your old content. Whatever it is, updating your photos is always a good blog admin job. 

5. Delete Delete Delete. 

So this can often be an unpopular opinion but deleting old posts that don't work anymore is A Ok for me. When I moved my blog from Wordpress to Squarespace I deleted some of my posts, just stuff that didn't move over very well, stuff that was kinda outdated and just a bit shit ya know? If there's content on your blog you're not happy you shared any more- either update the post itself, write a new updated version or just delete it. No biggie. 

6. Be Brave. 

Sick of seeing bloggers work with brands on campaigns you KNOW you'd be perfect for? Feel like you've missed out on something or that a brand is overlooking you not realising how fab you are and what cracking content you'd produce for them? Use the Spring Clean to come up with a blog manifesto and be brave - get in touch with the brands you'd LOVE to work with. The worst they can do is say no and you might end up with some amazing relationships. 

7. Sort Your Sidebar.

Our sidebars can often be one of the things that we let slip because they're just kinda there aren't they? Sitting pretty on the side but not demanding much attention most of the time. Now is the perfect time to asses it properly and see what's working, what can go and what you might want to add. Do the same with your footer whilst you're at it too. 

8. Lemme Take A Selfie. 

Of course a blog refresh deserves a new selfie right? If your blog image has been the same for the last 18 months (I am hugely guilty of this), get the camera out, get someone to take a candid shot of you against a cute pink wall or doorway and get a new babin profile pic for your blog and your social media to finish the job on a high. 

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How to spring clean your blog. 

How to spring clean your blog.