How To Totally Transform Your Bullet Journal For 2017 +

+ Free printable of ideas!

Ok so yesssss January 1st was well over a fortnight ago now and yessss you're probably all sick of the idea of changing it up for a new year and yessss you've probably all started your new bujo already but hey - I was ill ok? 

THE stationary fad of 2016 was bullet journaling, a concept likely to stay with us for a long while yet and an obsession of mine (and coincidentally my most popular posts content, neat). 

I didn't start my bullet journal until May last year so this is the first time I can think about the idea of a new planner year, a chance to refresh and rethink how I want my journal to work. For now I'll admit I've carried on with the same format in the same notebook with no distinguishing features on the fact the 6 has ticked nicely over to the 7 and that's because I am a little scared. 

I got a lot of new stationary for Christmas, about 10 notebooks of which can neatly turn into new bullet journals as the time comes but I haven't quite decided what I want from a new full year of journaling. 

I haven't decided how I want it to look aesthetically, how I want each month to start, what I want to take from this journal and move to a new one, what I want to amend and what I want to scrap altogether and what I want to try for the first time. 

A new year is the perfect place to start when it comes to totally transforming your bullet journal so here's a few tips on how I'm deciding exactly what shape mine will take;

  • Don't be under pressure to start just because it's January. Like me, take some time working in your comfortable format to really work out how you want the journal to work for you. 
  • Do some practicing of layouts/headers/designs on paper or in a spare notebook. We all pretend we love the flexibility of a bujo but we HATE messing up a new page. 
  • Look back through your old journal from the very start and see what you loved about each spread or why it didn't work. 
  • Plan carefully. Work out what order you want things to come to make your journal the most easy version for the way you work. 
  • Don't stick to one thing if you're not sure. Do each monthly spread differently if you want to, heck do every week different if you want to. Now is the time for playing around. 
  • Pin everything. Get your butt on Pinterest for the best source of journal inspiration. 
  • Add in that thing you thought 'oh that'd be handy' all of 2016 and never got round to designing. 
  • Search bullet journal inspo on Instagram, there are some amazing accounts who post sped up videos of how they're creating their pages. 
  • Don't just stick to what you know. You can buy any old calendar or diary for the year, the point of a bullet journal is it's completely personal to you, make it your own. 

& if you're really stuck you can pin this free printable of ideas for later!