I Don't Think I Like My Content Anymore.

Don't forget you can get 20% off Coconut Lane with my discount code 'meltdown20'

Don't forget you can get 20% off Coconut Lane with my discount code 'meltdown20'

Hear me out. I don't think I'm in a blogging rut per se, I'm still creating content and I'm still publishing frequently if not daily. I just don't know if I like my content all that much. 

A little insight into my blogging life maybe? I don't schedule very far in advance, most of the time I'm writing the night before something is due to go live or on the day itself. But I DO have a blog schedule. I have a planner that I bought on Etsy with a monthly calendar and a page per day for content where I outline what I want to post for the month and then get some firm ideas down for exact terms or ideas. 

I have a lot of monthly series; my Friday Favourites every week, my Words of Wisdom on the 1st, my social media stats from the previous month, a guest blog once a month, 7 of my favourite blogs and my month in photos on the last. 

Other than that I go through my VERY extensive list of blog post ideas and just choose a few I fancy writing that month. I always leave a few days blank for when inspiration strikes or if I have a brand or sponsored content but on the whole, I stick to my schedule most of the time. 

But I just don't think I like it anymore? Not all of it no. 

Idk, I just don't feel all that inspired? 

The posts I like writing the most (and some that are my most successful) are the ones I write off the cuff. The ones I write when something has riled me up or got my attention or pissed me off. The ones like my reaction to Brussels or to this article or Relatable vs Aspirational blogging. But I don't write them all that often. Most of the time I stick to my schedule and whilst I certainly don't hate writing blog posts, I'm not sure I get the same feeling about them when I've hit publish. 

The posts I like reading on other people's blogs are the chatty ones, the lifestyle ones, the rants and the brain dumps and the insights into people's lives and their business but I don't write those myself....

I like reading people's opinions on contentious issues, people's opinions on matters that divide us, people who stand up and write about things that matter to them, I like reading about people. 

I don't know where exactly I'm going with this post or what I want to come from it but me and my blogging baes (the picnic gals) were chatting about it the other day, about blogging ruts and lack of mojo and the need to recharge and redesign and go again. 

I'm not saying my blog will change dramatically or even change at all. But it might.

I think maybe this is just me putting my hands up and saying I think I want to improve and make this blog something even better.