#MarchMeetTheMaker - Gwennan Rees Illustration.

#MarchMeetTheMaker - Gwennan Rees Illustration.

Just a cheeky half a post from me today chaps. It's my boyfriend's birthday weekend so he's taken a few days annual leave and for the first time in ages we have 4 days where we don't have to get up at 5.30am or come in at midnight and we're making the most of it. 

Today we're doing the boring things like a food shop for the weekend but we're also visiting my grandparents, going for a meal and going to see Kong this evening cos legit can't remember the last time we went to see a film. 

Tomorrow is Wales v Ireland in the 6 Nations so I booked Joss and his friends a booth in a venue in Cardiff to watch the game and have a pre birthday lads night out and I'm going to enjoy an evening on my own also watching the match but also having some QT with my bullet journal and maybs painting the kitchen walls again cos lol guess who decided they don't like the colour AGAIN?

Saturday will no doubt be spent hungover (him not me) and watching more rugby and it's Joss' actual birthday so we're having a takeaway with his family in the evening. 

And then finally on Sunday we're topping it all off with a late birthday with my family and having everyone round for more presents and cake and a roast dinner. 

The ideal birthday weekend in my opinion and maybe even Wales will win. Lol jk. 

But anyway, we've gone off topic. 

The point of today's post was just to point you in the direction of my illustration business Instagram account which maybe or maybe you don't know I have. 

#MarchMeetTheMaker is a social media campaign to get to know the faces behind creative industry businesses and has a variety of themes for each day from where you work, to how you work, to what you use and even sharing some inspo from other people. 

It's a really ace way of finding out more about people and who doesn't love nosying into someone else's life right? I am loving taking part but I am loving seeing what everyone else is doing more so I 100% recommend you have a cheeky peep at the hashtag on Insta. 

And if you want to have a little look at mine you can follow me over here...