Things Worth Investing Money In.


I have made it no secret on this blog that bargains is my forte. I often consider New Look too expensive for me. No joke. At any one time I am wearing 90% if not 100% Primark down to my underwear and jewellery. If I see something I like online or need for my business I'll always try and find it on Amazon or Groupon or Ebay for cheaper. 

But despite my money savvy ways, sometimes there are just some things that make more sense to spend the extra bit of dollah on. Here's my advice on what IS worth investing in. 

  1. A waterproof coat. 
  2. A warm winter coat. (If you can combine the two then you earn top marks.)
  3. Winter boots. 
  4. Summer sandals that won't cut your feet to ribbons. 
  5. Petrol. Obvs.
  6. Holidays. 
  7. Culture. 
  8. Seeing friends. 
  9. Train fares to somewhere special. 
  10. Family. 
  11. Fruit. 
  12. Cheese. 
  13. A reliable car. 
  14. A comfortable pair of jeans. 
  15. A decent handbag that won't break on it's first outing. 
  16. A good haircut. 
  17. A blog domain. 
  18. A blog template you love. 
  19. Extra leg room on long flights. 
  20. A sofa. 

Now I'm off to invest in some petrol and probs some cheese.