My NYE Resolutions 3/4 Year On.

My NYE Resolutions. 

My NYE Resolutions. 

Someone catch me when I faint cos HOW CAN I EVEN BE WRITING ABOUT THE YEAR AS 3/4 OVER??? Every year I say oh time is flying but good god 2016 has been a killer hasn't it? 

I didn't want to write this post because I knew I haven't been a good gal but in an effort to remain honest and transparent I knew I had to write it even though I've erm, well, failed on a bunch of them. 

As ever, my New Years Resolutions started off good, I meant well, I really meant to make an effort and in some respects I did but in some, I never really got off the ground. 

If you weren't around in January here's a cheeky reminder of what resolutions I made;

  • Blog more - at least 4 times a week.
  • Learn to speak more Welsh than "I hate -insert name here- because he is boring" and various swear words.
  • Do my finances on each day of the month.
  • Improve my blog photography.
  • Produce at least one illustration a week because ya know, it's my job.

- Blog 4 Times+ A Week. Yasssss mate, utterly smashed it. I have steadily improved and blogged more and more; 3 or 4 a week in January, 4 or 5 a week in February, 5 or 6 in March & April, 6 or 7 a week in May, 6 a week in June and then every single day in July & August and I've only missed one day this month so far. I never intended to blog every day, I never had it in my plan but I actually find it *reasonably* easy, I just write...... But it's my proudest little achievement of the whole of 2016. 

- Learn More Welsh. This is the absolute worst one and the one I am most ashamed and guilty about. I have done nothing about it, I've not even installed an app and I really wish I'd given it a good go. Now it seems like such an effort and blahhh and I need a new lease of life with it. In the last few weeks Tina and Naomi have tweeted me in Welsh and it made me soooo happy and like omg YES this is what I need more of in my life so I will do it. I will. Next year. 

- Do My Finances On The First. I kinda re jigged this one mid way through the year. I was finding it hard to do my finances on the first and then it'd take me ages to sort them out so I started doing them once a week on a Sunday instead and it made it soooo much easier. I also finally sat down and finished my taxes and national insurance and made financial spreadsheets for my business so fingers crossed it'll be less of a chore next year. 

- Improve My Blog Photography. Again, this is all in the eyes of the beholder and I probs need someone else to tell me if I achieved this or not. I have made a real effort though, my photos are crisper, whiter and I am upping my flatlay game. In other news I have put a proper big effort into my Instagram in the past month since #BloggerPitP and it has DEFINITELY made a huge difference to my photography game and my interactions/social media. 

- Illustrate Once A Week. This is such a grey area. I haven't done the Colour Collective challenge on Twitter since about February which I really miss but just can't bring myself to get back into the swing of things. I had some weeks off illustrating like when I went on my holidays and whilst I've done a lot of work, I've actually been doing a lot of design work, not necessarily illustrating but creative work all the same.  

How're you getting on with your NYE resolutions?


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