FREE Holiday Packing Printable!

Two printables in one week? I know I know, I've gone mad. What can I say, I'm just too good to ya'll (others might say one was scheduled and this one was written off the cuff). 

It's no secret me and Joss and my parents are leaving my brother and his fam at home on Friday -soz guys- and jetsetting off to......England. Don't knock a staycation till you've tried one folks (or just tag along on your parents one cos lol it's free like I am). I am spending this week furiously scheduling guest blogs, putting all my out of offices on and putting my shop on holiday and my 'things to do at home' to do list is the length of my arm. Anyone else have a boyfriend who literally cannot pack for himself? Please?

When it comes to packing I don't think you can beat a good check list. I am NOT one of these people who just does things on a whim and packing the night before a trip with no list and a willy nilly attitude to chucking things in a case fills me with dread. I like a to do list complied at least a week before that I can keep adding to as and when I think of things. 

My problem is that when it comes to packing lists, I can remember the easy things, clothes, shoes, toiletries but I ALWAYS end up flicking back through my bullet journal to see what else I took last time that I might have forgotten this time. Enter; the printable packing list. 

I have compiled a list of things I nearly always need to take on a trip that I can print off every vacation and omit what I don't need and just work through packing the rest. And I've decided to share it with you too. 

You can download a PDF form to save on your desktop and print at home or there's a pinnable version for Pinterest you can save for later. 

Happy packing!

Download your Packing List here!