Pinspiration; February 2017.

Pinspiration; February 2017. 

Pinspiration; February 2017. 

I like January don't get me wrong. After the brief spell of the blues I am actually excited to get a new year off and running, I like the change, the change in pace, the change in routine, the change in the year. 

But this January feels like it's gone on for half a year already. 

February is nice, February feels like we've got into the swing of things, the swing of another 365 days around the calendar and we're settling down. And not one to wish my life away but it's that bit closer to March, it's a short month and we all know March means Spring. I can feel the flowers blooming as we speak. 

Whether Valentine's Day is your shebang or not, I decided my mood board for this month would be full of flowers and pink and hearts because really though, look at it. Doesn't it just immediately lift your spirits? 

I've started saving my mood boards as images on my phone and using them as wallpaper backgrounds and basing the theme of my phone (yes it's a thing) around them every month and omfg it's too cute. 

You're welcome for that idea. 

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