Pros & Cons Of Adulting.

Primark notebook £2.50

Primark notebook £2.50

I don't know at what point you feel like you're 'grown up' but I can tell you for me, it ain't at 23 years old It's becoming more and more apparent that us millennials are feeling increasingly lost in the world and uhm, avoiding all responsibilities and shunning convention. 

Maybe we don't ever get to a point where we feel completely grown up. Maybe our parents and all the other 'grown ups' are just winging it too but there are definitely some aspects of my life I think 'this is peak adulting.'

Here's my (less than serious) pros and cons of being an adult. 


  • Bills. Taxes. Bills. Money. Lack of. Bills. Finances. Bills. 
  • Your mum refusing to phone anyone for you any more.
  • Having to make appointments. 
  • Being responsible for getting to appointments on time. 
  • Not having parents as taxis. 
  • Food shopping. 
  • Having to pay for food. 
  • The price of cheese. 
  • Having to complain if something isn't working. 
  • Bills. 
  • The laundry. 
  • Washing dishes. 
  • Having to think about things like travel insurance and phone insurance. 
  • Working out what day the bins go out vs the recycling. 
  • Working out what can and can't be recycled. 
  • Tv Licences. 
  • Job Hunting. 
  • Having to set 3823905738567 alarms because the rents are there to wake you. 
  • Not living at home when you have a cold. 
  • Not being ID'ed anymore. I AM NOT OLD.
  • Bills. 
  • Teenagers. 
  • Always running out of fresh milk and bread because you do your own shopping now. 
  • Repairing your own clothes if they have holes in. Can't sew for love nor money boo.
  • Thinking about grown up things like houses and babies. 
  • House deposit saving. 
  • Mortgages. 
  • Bills. 



  • Not having anyone to answer to. 
  • Home alone time. TV, tea, blankets, bliss. 
  • Homeware shopping. 
  • Being able to go wherever you want when you want. 
  • Eating whatever you want when you want. 
  • Netflix. 
  • Having as many sugars in your tea as you want
  • Homeware shopping. 
  • No bedtime. 
  • Not having to sneak in after a night out. 
  • Blankets at all times of the day. All seasons. 
  • Being in control of your money. 
  • Clothes shopping all the time if you wanna. 
  • Choosing bedding. No greater joy. 
  • Homeware shopping. 
  • Duvet days. 
  • Lie ons. 
  • Feeling like a pro when you've completed an adulting task successfully.
  • Organising and decorating a home. 
  • The feeling after you've bossed a deep clean of the house. 
  • Searching for flights abroad and knowing actually you could probs stretch to afford it. 
  • Nobody kicking off at your mess. 
  • Staying in the shower as long as you want. 
  • Homeware shopping. 

What's your absolute best and worst thing about being all grown up?





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