A Summer Photo Challenge

A lil something different on the old blog today. Summer is fast approaching if you don't already feel like it's arrived where you are and as one of the best seasons for natural light (blogger probs) I thought we should all take advantage. 

This Summer I've devised less of a photo challenge more of a photo bucket list. It's a checklist of photo prompts to use this Summer, to print out and tick off when it's complete and a lil project we can all take part in. 

Myself, I'll be posting mine on Instagram and my ideal at the end of this is a series of photos I can keep full of memories of Summer 2017. All the best bits, all the sunny days, all the things that make a British Summer...well....British. 

And at the end, when I've ticked them all off, or it's like October or summin and I can't pretend it's Summer anymore, I'll share them allll on the blog and talk to you about how ace my Summer turned out to be. 

So hopefully you'll join in, hopefully you'll fill your camera roll with lots of lovely things and this will give you a chance to get outdoors this Summer and get snapping and maybe you can share a blog post at the end of it too.

The hashtag on Instagram is #ourtwentysomethingsummer and I'll be catching (stalking) you all there!