The Girl Who Doesn't Like Pink.

Blush Pink Wishlist. 

Blush Pink Wishlist. 

I never liked pink since the age of about 7. 

I try and purposefully pick colourful clothing for my niece not pink because they're all so bloody gross for little girls. 

I cannot STAND looking twee or too girly, I would much rather a life of jeans with rips and leather jackets and all black errr thang. 

And then. 

Blush pink exploded onto the scene. It's not a new phenomena, it's not a new shade of discovery, it's just a colour of pink that's become quite fashionable and now it's all over the high street and Instagram and suddenly, I LOVE PINK.

I need blush pink everything, I have purchased a pair of blush pink suede trainers, my Instagram theme is allll about that blush pink.

Today I uploaded a photo that was simply pink crockery from IKEA and within 3 hours it was my most liked photo on Insta. Ever.

It seems I am not the only one with a low key obsession with the cutest, not at all twee shade of pink so here's my picks for all kinds of budgets from all kinds of high street stores to enable you to fulfil your obsession too.