The Travel Tag

RHS Gardens Wisley. 

RHS Gardens Wisley. 

Oooft I feel like I've been writing about students and studying and university and freshers forever and in reality it was just a week mini series. 

Instead today I thought I'd change it up with something a little different in the form of a travel tag from me old chum Hailey who very kindly nominated me (you can read her post here). 

Travel is not something I chat about very often on the blog mainly because I uhm, don't go anywhere that exciting but I am the biggest activist for the good old British staycation so there's that. 

I'm not going to nom anyone for the tag because I don't want to make anyone feel obliged but if you fancy giving it a go then tag me when you've done it so I can have a good old nosey!

1. You are leaving tomorrow to start a life in a new country, where would you go?

I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else, I am a big lover of the UK and I can't really imagine living anywhere else in Britain let alone the world. If I was going somewhere else it'd have to be somewhere reasonably Westernized with British or American food because I am the worst fussiest eater ever. I'd quite like Oz I think but in reality I think I'd probably move to somewhere in Europe like South of France or Italy because sun, yummy food, amazing scenery and not too far to jump on the train and come home either. 

2. You can take someone for a weekend away to the place you had the best holidays ever, where would that be and who would you take to go with you?

This one is *hopefully* going to become a reality, hopefully. The best holiday I have ever been on was my study trip to Venice with my Foundation course when I was 19 and I am desperate to take my Mum there. Venice was like nowhere I have ever been before, it was other worldly and the first time I've felt so away from my own life I just felt like I was on a proper holiday. I just know my Mum would love it and she really wants to go there having heard me bang on about it enough. We've been talking with some friends for a while about booking a deal and going but thus far finding a weekend for all four of us to get together is erm, less than easy but I live in hope. 



3. You can get married wherever you want to, your budget is limitless, what is your choice?

I've never been one to dream about my wedding and to plan it from a young age or know exactly what dress I want so this was a hard question to answer. I don't think I'd want to travel abroad anywhere to get married, I find holidays and planning stressful enough so add a wedding and making sure all my guests get there would be too much I think! If I had to get married tomorrow and money was no object I think I'd stay in the UK and go somewhere fancy like a cathedral or a stately home or Edinburgh Castle. Or somewhere cooky like the glass houses in Wisely or something. 

4. During your travels you can bring back home one animal as a pet, which one would you pick?

Omg 100% a baby elephant. I used to watch those programmes on the Beeb where they went to Africa and stuff and went to elephant nurseries where they saved orphans and raised them and omg I die. It made me so emotional and I just longed to go and look after all the babies and nurse them back to health and give them a bath and play football with them.  

5. You can get back in time and relive one family trip, which one?

Norfolk 2011 fo sho. It's still my favourite family holiday of all and I've never quite got the same feeling again. I don't know what it was, whether it was that I'd finished school and it seemed like the end of an era, whether it was the sunshine, whether it was being in a new place that none of us had been to I don't know. All I know is we laughed the entire fortnight and just had the most fun. I was 18 by this point and my brother was 17 and it was like we were adults, not just on hols with our parents- we just had a blast and it holds such good memories for me. 

6. What is the first thing you would pack for a one year travel around the world?

My camera. Such a cliche answer and obviously there's other important things but my camera would have to come with me. I mean, did you even go on a year abroad if you don't post ALL the photos on Facebook and Instagram? Nah but in all seriousness as much as I like living in the moment and appreciating what's happening, I like to have a record of everything so the views and the experiences are engrained in my mind. Photos evoke memories for me and I'd have to have taken my camera and 193892473874 batteries and SD cards with me. 

Travelling duck. 

Travelling duck. 

7. What would your fantasy 100th birthday destination be, and why?

Oooft at that grand old age it'd have to be something fabulous right? I think I'd quite like to spend my 100th in NYC being all sassy and fashionable and spending all the dollar. Imagine, I'm thinking purple hair and faux fur coats and alll the shopping bags. I wish I was as sassy as I imagine 100 year old me to be. 

8. During your travel you can learn one sport to become a pro, what would that be?

Surfing 100%. And maybs skateboarding too. I mean if you're going to do one why not go all out? I think I'd get myself down to a beach in Oz or New Zealand (preferably one without sharks ta) and get my surf on. Obvs in my mind I'm also about 2 dress sizes smaller and I have a tan and beach blond dreads. Duh. 

Thanks so much to the beautiful Hailey for tagging me and giving me the excuse to write about something a bit different on the blog today! Don't forget if you want to take up the questionnaire tweet me and let me know!






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