Matalan - The Ultimate Summer Evening.

So this wishlist was actually planned as a round up of high street dinner wear to create the perfect summer evening but, well, I found myself on Matalan and urmmm....never left. 

I have professed my love for Matalan several times but I think it's secret is still safe. Remember the days when everyone thought it was a bit like Macro and you could only shop if you had a card and all that? Those days are long gone my friend, long gone. 

These days a Matalan card gives you extra discounts and the more you spend the more discounts become available to you. I myself am the proud owner of a Black card not the measly red because I spend so much there and it gives me allllll the discounts on top of in store sales. Also you get a student discount online and in store which isn't widely known nor advertised so you should definitely capitalise on that. 

Matalan are killing it in every department at the mo but it is the homeware which I go back to again and again. I wanted to make a wishlist of homeware items to create the perfect summer evening; I'm thinking warm nights, fairy lights, loads of friends and family and a BBQ with all the drinks and potato salad. 

What I like most about what I found on Matalan was how diverse it can be. The throws can be doubled up as picnic blankets or something to wrap round when it's chillier, the cushions can be brought from the couch and used as seats, the dinnerware can be used even after the summer is over - I love it all and you can only IMAGINE the Instagram opportunities.

Oh and I should say, this post is actually NOT sponsored by Matalan - I just bloody love it. 

You can just see it in the back garden on a warm night with a BQ on the go can't you? Oh and FYI I own the red and white ceramic dishes plus some pizza plates from the same range and they're really durable and pretty and we use them loads which I wasn't sure we would. 

Now to stop myself going and buying the entire range....


Don't forget me and my bundle of bloggers are hosting a picnic in Hyde Park on August 20th so if you're coming maybe you wanna head to Matalan for all the homeware to bring with you and you'll be the most popular blogger there -insert clapping hand emoji here-