Twenty Something Meltdown Is 1!

#BloggerPitP obvs being the best thing to come out of my first blogging year. 

#BloggerPitP obvs being the best thing to come out of my first blogging year. 



Today is officially my blog's first birthday....kinda. If you've missed the bumbf on how I started my blog basically I typed a few creative based blogs alongside my illustration website in last 2015 on Wordpress and then on this very day in January 2016 I bought this domain and launched my humble lifestyle blog. So yeah, today is it's first birthday as we know it. 

To celebrate I've had a little revamp - you might have noticed you hit a loading page the past few days and I've been shouting about it a bit on social media. 

It's by no means radical, I was happy enough with my layout but I just wanted to freshen it up after a year. The template is reasonably the same but with these cute little date buttons which I love and my sidebar has just had a new photo and Etsy link chucked in. On and I changed my promo pics a little while back that I am set to continue. 

I FINALLY have the latest Instagram posts along the bottom of my site, a feature I have loved on everyone else's blogs forever and I gave my social media icons a little update too. 

In terms of template I also have a new logo, a very minimal change but a change all the same and my announcement bar and colours have changed from black and pink to duck egg blue. I just started feeling like the sleek black theme was something I loved seeing on everyone else's blogs but not so much on my own. So I've decided every season to change it up a bit and mix up my colour theme to match so blue it is for the cold Winter start to 2017 and it already feels so much more like me.

Aside from that I've updated my media kit, admin pages on the blog (About Me, Contact Me etc), my sign off and my social media bios and that's about it!

Not the hugest of changes but enough to freshen the old site up for the next year and it just feels more my thang. I'm happy. 

Tomorrow I'm going to do a little celebration of my blog's first year in numbers but for today, such a short post only leaves room to say a mahoooosive thank you to all you gems who've read my blog this year and give me all the love on social media. I'd like to say I blog for me and that's part true but it makes it a damn side nicer knowing all of your cherubs are out there enjoying what I do too. Love you pals.