Why I Deleted My Facebook App....

These are actual old FB profile pics FYI.

These are actual old FB profile pics FYI.

Of all the social media profiles I have, Facebook is the one I have the most trouble with - I just uhhh, hate it. I have Facebook like we all do but I feel like these days more and more people are sacking it off. People don't like it that much, we don't use it in the ways we once did. 

Remember the days after MSN when you'd get home from school with your friends and then go straight onto Facebook to speak to those friends again, to share photos from when you all got wasted in a field last weekend, to share statuses about your day and ask questions about that essay in History.

Remember the updates from Reading festival after GCSEs, the house parties we documented, the Freshers weeks, the 3 years of university....Facebook is as much of a personalised online diary as our blogs are. My Facebook is full of hundreds of memories and hundreds of events.

But now, now I barely use it. I changed my profile picture this morning for the first time in a year purely because someone took a super cute photo of me and a friend and my old image was the same blog avatar I use and I cba with the blog and personal social media crossing over. 

Now I use Facebook to tag friends in memes primarily and the majority of the things I see on it are not from friends, not even from real people. It's bots and old pages we liked when we were 15 or people I don't care about and ugh Facebook is just such a bore. 

So I deleted the app off my phone. 

I was scrolling through the videos from Lad Bible and the crap memes on Facebook for the 39287473847th time I got the notification saying my iPhone was nearly full. Again. 

And as I went through the ritual of deleting apps, deleting photos I suddenly thought "why am I letting Facebook take up so much room on my phone?" It was taking up 500MB, as much as my Instagram and Twitter accounts and yet, I use those a lot more, a lot more productively and I actually like them. 

I waste so much time on Facebook. It's there, it's on my phone, I just absentmindedly scroll it and it's such a waste of time. So I deleted it. I didn't delete my account because I DO use it to keep in touch with some people I don't keep in touch with any other way and I manage 3 business pages. That's ok, I can deal with having the account and I didn't delete messenger because I still use that a lot to make plans with friends, but I deleted the FB app. 

And I feel so much better without it!

There's so much less temptation to just scroll and waste time and procrastinate. It doesn't come up with mindless notifications and rubbish I don't need to see and it freed up some space on my phone. 

Now, I log into Facebook once a day or just leave it on my laptop in a tab I don't use very much and it keeps me up to date with the pals I keep in touch with, means I can still manage my business pages and means I can organise events and group meets. 

100% if you're in need of a semi social media detox. I can recommend deleting your FB app fo sho.