Why I Don't Believe In Fate But I Do Believe In Timing

Why I Don't Believe In Fate But I Do Believe In Timing. 

Why I Don't Believe In Fate But I Do Believe In Timing. 

We've all seen those quotes floating around Pinterest and Twitter meant to motivate us. Something along the lines of not waiting for fate to find you, how you have to make your own destiny, make your own success. 

I kinda think it's bullshit. 


I absolutely 100% believe success is what you make of it. I do believe you have to work hard to get what you want, get where you want to be, make your life what you want. I do believe hard works pays off in the end and by not working and waiting for fate to step in you're wasting your time. 

Fate won't step in. I don't believe in fate. 

I think quite possibly people use fate as an excuse for tardiness. People say what will be will be and you'll get what's coming for you. I'm not sure fate exists, I think perhaps people hope fate exists so that they don't have to put an effort in life because fate will hand them their success on a plate. 


I don't believe in fate but I don't believe in hard work always paying off either. 

How many times have you worked your bloody socks off and it just didn't pay off? How many times do you KNOW you're perfect for a job you didn't get? I applied for 5 universities with an A* at A Level and a Distinction at Diploma and nobody wanted me. I did everything I could and when it came down to it, I just wasn't what the universities I applied to wanted. And I was devastated. 

Hard work gets you a long way but in the end I believe in timing. 

I believe timing gets you in the end, it's timing not fate, not hard work. Fate gets you nowhere, hard work gets you half way...timing gets you there. 

I didn't get into the universities I wanted to despite my hard work and graft and grades. But I went to Wrexham, got an offer, didn't want to go but suddenly found it as my only option. One of the biggest reasons I didn't want to go was the course wasn't entirely what I wanted, it was broad, it wasn't tailored to illustration and I didn't know if my only option was the best one. 

And then, the day after I got my last rejection and I was at home crying over the fact Wrexham was my last choice, I got a letter saying they needed to know which specific course I wanted to enrol, the choice which included Children's Publishing; the course of my dreams. 

How many times has something gone horrifically wrong only for timing to go your way and it all turn right in the world again? Know of someone in a crap relationship only for the gods to align and them to find the strength to leave and find someone better? My mum has always been a big believer of things falling into place at the right time and I think she's instilled that in me. 

Timing's a bitch but holy hell it can be a godsend too. 

You can work as hard as you like, in fact I actively encourage that you do but when everything is going tits up, remember it's timing not fate that's going to save you.