3 Days, 152 Miles & A Trip To The Zoo.

An 8 and a half hour round trip later and I'm home again. I've spent the last 3 days in Wrexham where I went to university reliving my student days and celebrating my birthday 10 days early. 

I've eaten a lot of bad food, drunk a lot of Pepsi. spent a lot of money and a lot of a good time. As always I stayed in the town centre and caught up with some of my best friends and laughed A LOT. We had a Frankie & Bennys and then a Frankie & Bennys breakfast the following day. We had the best chippy ever, did a banger of a Primark haul and I got birthday presents AND a cake. 

And best of all this time we splashed out and booked two nights so we had an extra day to do something fun and as any right minded 20 somethings celebrating a birthday, we went to the zoo. 

I went to Chester zoo every year I was in university so it was seemingly fitting to go back again and explore the new Islands area which whilst slightly lacking in animals did provide us with a boat ride that made our Instagram grids look like we were in Bali. 

I took a LOT of photos so I thought what better way to display them all than a cheeky photo diary for ya'll. Soz for the nice weather spam.