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I'm always on the hunt for new projects and exciting work, especially if there is some sort of stationery involved. Living the dream. 

I do not accept pre written content on my blog so if that's what you're after I'm probably not your gal and probably not worth the time composing an email to. Reviews and sponsored content is all written honestly 100% by me and will always be disclosed. 

If you have a general query, just wanna say hey or have a comment you don't want to post on my blog please contact me via the form below. Alternatively you can email me direct at 

You can tweet me if you fancy, I am very active and chatty and I have a knack for finding the perfect GIF or emoji so I don't have to actually use words to interact cos lol, blogger, writing and all that....

Obviously you can also contact me via any other form of social media too although if you're going to attempt to strike up a convo on Insta I salute you cos that one is not known for it's engagement nuh uh. 

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