GDPR & What It Means For Bloggers.

The GDPR deadline is looming and businesses and bloggers alike are panicking. This guide will hopefully put your mind at ease that it doesn't need to be the big ball ache everyone is claiming it is and make it easy for you to implement the changes you need. I have already begun the steps to make my blog and businesses compliant with GDPR and take it from someone who likely is collecting a hella lot more data than you are - it can be a few small changes that take you up to date.

A Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend In Wales.

Last weekend marked 8 years since me and Joss got together and we always try and mark it with something fun. Being skint, working hard and not having the time for a fortnight's holiday in the sun we booked a last minute hotel room in a Premier Inn on the outskirts of Llanelli and headed West for a few days. 

Why I Need Two Bullet Journals Per Year & How To Migrate Over.

I am using my bullet journal as much as ever these days and I am loving it as much as I always have. I really feel like I have got into my groove with journaling and found a system that works really well for me and honestly I'd be lost without it. 

I have a shiny new berry coloured journal waiting in the wings to become my second journal of 2018 so let's get into it shall we? Why exactly do I use two Leuchtturms per year? 

The Dream Shopping List For Plant Lovers.

Oh hi just me creating a wish list for no other reason other than to find all the cacti themed things I didn't know I needed in my life. 

If like me you are obsessed with all things botanical then this is the shopping list for you. I mean sure, maybe also like me your boyfriend will cry if you bring more plant items into your home but hey, what does he know huh? 

So here's my top 35 picks from all range of budgets (yup, should have checked the price of that Urban Outfitters rug before I added it to the list) from the high street and online. 

To The Instagram Husbands.

Ah the humble Instagram husband. Those we rope into taking 91839826472647 photos of us for a single shot we're happy with instead of paying for a professional photographer who, ya know, it's their job to take good quality photos. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - May 2018.

It's another month and it's another set of advertisers on my sidebar for the next few weeks. If you're a long standing reader of this blog then a lot of these gals will be no stranger to you, you probably already follow them - and if you don't after all this time then really what are you playing at? 

I spose it's a testament to my blogging advertising packages that these girls return month on month on month which makes my heart all happy but I really do enjoy promoting them as people I loved long before they signed up. 

This month I have 4 returning advertisers who you'll know the faces and logos and blog names of and 2 new to my roundups that maybe you don't follow yet. Read on to see who we have!

Social Media & Blog Statistics - April 2018.

I don't wish to alarm you but I am blogging again, for the second time this month already and for the third time this week. Guys, I officially think I am back. 

Needless to say because of the shit storm that was April on my blog, with my lack of motivation came a lack of kinda anything. Not a lot of engagement because I wasn't sharing the love back. Not a lot of traffic because I wasn't bothering to promote it. I put no effort in and funnily enough, my blog didn't give me a lot back so whilst this month's report is a dismal affair on the whole, I have high hopes for May.

My Month In Photos - April 2018.

Cor blimey I feel like an amateur writing this. 

I feel all rusty and like I don't know what to say and have I maybs forgotten how to blog? I published a grand total of 10 blog posts this month, the lowest count for years and after my little life lately rant last week, I promptly gave up again and didn't write anything else. 

That being said I have some thoughts I want to publish and some ideas I want to write about for May so maybe it'll be a better month and I'll be back to it. As rusty as I feel currently I do like the way my hands fly over the keys like they've always known what to do and sharing some of my snaps and an insight into my life feels normal. We'll see. 

Life Lately - Can You Tell I Haven't Been Here?

I feel like I should be apologising for the lack of content or saying 'oh hey I'm back' as if I've been on an impromptu blogging break. Except I haven't been away, I have been ever present on social media and there has been regular content ticking over on this ol' site. 

But can you tell my heart's not really been in it? Can you tell I haven't been all that present mentally or all that committed to what I'm creating? Can you tell it's been posting for posting sake? 

Bedroom Wishlist | April 2018.

It's the last day of my wish list posts and today's comes in the form of your bedroom. One of the rooms you probably spend the least amount of time in awake but one you spend A LOT of time in during your life. It has to be calming, it has to be cosy and it has to be relaxing enough to send you to sleep - creating a bedroom really is a minefield. 

Bathroom Wishlist | April 2018.

This morning's wish list is maybe not the most glamorous of shopping lists but essential none the less. We spend so much time creating cosy bedrooms and living rooms and creating that Instagram worthy kitchen or home office but what about that unloved bathroom of yours? They're essential, they're not the fanciest of rooms in your house and you've got a lot of plumbing you need to fit in, without even thinking about tiles, flooring and grouting colours. 

Home Office Wishlist | April 2018.

This morning's wish list is geared around your home office/study/studio/spare room/blogging area/desk space. Most people granted do not have the luxury of a designated office space but chances are you're dreaming about one or you've managed to stick an Ikea desk in the corner of your spare bedroom and you're making do. 

Living Room Wishlist | April 2018

Today's wishlist is living room/lounge/TV room/den - whatever you call it. If the kitchen from yesterday is the hub of the home then the living room is the cosy retreat in our house. Our living room is modest, we have enough room for a sofa and two chairs and the TV and a coffee table that is obnoxiously big for the space. In the evenings we shut the door to keep the heat in, draw the curtains and turn the side lights on instead of the main light. 

Kitchen Wishlist | April 2018.

Today's homeware edit is all about the hub of most homes; the kitchen/dining space. These days a designated dining room is less and less popular and eating in the kitchen and open living is more desired. We have our table in the kitchen with a bench brought out for extra guests meaning we're able to fit 6 comfortably (and a tiny two year old squished in when my niece is here too!) 

Not Just A Wedding.

It may or may not have escaped your knowledge but a few weeks ago, toward the end of March, the blog squad and I made the journey down to the East English coast for the wedding of the year. If you follow any or all of us on Instagram you probably couldn't avoid the constant stories updates of the fun we were having, and all the photos that we posted on our grids after that. 

Phone Or Camera | The Eternal Blogging Debate.

Tale as old as tiiiiiiime.....

That age old question that ever blogger has posed at least once in their lifetime; should we be snapping away on our phones or splashing out on a decent camera? Maybe you've already popped the pennies on a camera, maybe you're furiously reading Olympus Pen reviews right now or maybe you're happy with the trusty old iPhone in your back pocket. 

Social Media & Blog Statistics - March 2018.

I had a funny old March and I think my stats match it. I found myself too busy to dedicate a lot of time to my blog and similarly my social media fell by the wayside with the exception of Instagram. I didn't really feel my blog this month, I wrote some stuff I was pleased with but I generally didn't write as much as I wanted and maybs that came off and that's why my stats dropped a little? Idk, let's get into it.